Five Secrets of SEO for Bloggers

High search engine rankings are something that every blogger cravesfor. Even in this world of social media, nothing can beat the quality of organic traffic. It is much targeted and the visitors have a definiterequirement in mind, which makes it easy to convert such traffic. That is why it is so important to optimize your… Read More »

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How to Increase Alexa Rank in Just one Month

Alexa rank is one of the golden standards that decide a website’s worth in terms of traffic. Alexa gives every site a rank and unlikethe Google pagerank, for the Alexa rank, the lesser the better. #1site on Alexa’s list is Google (not surprising, eh?)! Well, if your website has a decent Alexarank then it will… Read More »

How To Write an Unique Blog Posts

 Sure enough you know how to create a blog, but do you know how tomake it interesting? There are millions of blogs out there, and most ofthem have turned into a graveyard for posts mainly because the blogowners lost interest or did not know how to make write interestingcontent. So, to make a blog is… Read More »

Great Blog Writing Ideas for Bloggers

Need Help to Blogging? What to write to be famous?  So you finally figured out how to start a blog and you have yourtheme locked in. What do you do next? Coming up with content that bestsuits your blog’s theme sounds like the proper way to go and manybloggers go that route because they want… Read More »

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How to Start A Food Blog – Step by Step Guide

These days the Internet is jam-packed full of blogs and websites and withgood reason! It’s actually pretty easy to get your own  website up andrunning in just a few minutes!I really do believe that everybodyhas their own voice and can contribute and find people to connect withonline. I’ve met some really close friends online! Starting… Read More »

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Christmas Special Recipes – Chelsea’s Un Christmas cake

Chelsea’s Un Christmas Cake with cream cheese icing & candied nuts I’ve gotta level with you – I’m not a huge fan of ‘traditional’Christmas cake. This is my modern and ‘Chelsified’ version – it’squicker, uses everyday ingredients and it’s pretty damned good. It has a heap of grated beetroot & carrot in it to make… Read More »

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39 Stupidity You Need to Stop to be Succeed in Life

1. Putting your own opinion to a fact. Unless you’re 100% certain – it’s not a fact, and you’re probably making it worse. 2. Waiting for something better to come along before you quit the thing you hate. This goes out to all the people stuck indead end jobs, mismatched relationships, and boring social circles.Tomorrow… Read More »

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How To Write A Business Plan (Guide)

1. Name of Firm. State the legal name of the business. 2. Owner or Owner-To-Be. State owner(s) name(s), as well as the form and percent of ownership. 3. Information on the Business a. Type of Business and Product or Service. State the general and specific nature of the business (i.e.,general-energy-, specific – oil, solar, wind:… Read More »

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How to Create Self-Hosted Personal Blog in 20 Minutes

However, this is where many people get stuck. They assume that the process of setting up a hosting service and installing WordPress is complicated and time-consuming. It’s not. (By the way, if you are not sure about the difference between hosted and self-hosted WordPress, check out this helpful infographic.) A Simple, Step-by-Step Process In the… Read More »

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