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Want to become a guest author? You are welcome, we are accepting guest posts from relevant niches of our contents. Submit a guest post to get started. 

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How to submit a guest post? 

You are welcome to write for us, we are giving guest blogging opportunities to our readers. Only write a different (unique) article in between 600 to 1400 words. Send/submit your content to Your submission will be reviewed withing 7 working days. 

Above portion is only the summary. Keep reading below to get the full idea for a successful guest post publication. 

Preferred topic to Submit a guest post

  • Entrepreneurship, Business 
  • Marketing / Digital Marketing
  • Social Media/ Advertising
  • Blogging and related topics
  • Technology
  • Life improvement
  • Career
  • Personal growth
  • Tutorials
  • Success / Success stories
  • Money/Banking
  • Productivity
  • Home office
  • Creative, realistic, How-to-guide can be written on any subject.

Article Guidelines

  • All entries must be a unique substance that you claim the rights to. 
  • Articles ought to be minimum 600 words long. While we consider featured article in between 1,200 to 1,800 words long. 
  • Please, actuality check your story and give sources to all your data. 
  • If you use pictures, must be high determination and be no less than 800 pixels wide. 
  • If you incorporate images, you should possess the rights to them. Or use royalty free images. (,
  • Where necessary, use number line, bullets, and subheadings. 
  • Keep in mind that for guest posting, lucidity and simplicity are critical. 
  • Do not turn your words into a link!
  • Use up to three outbound link. (Remember we can not guarantee to publish with messy links)
  • Submitting of a post does not promise it will be displayed on OnlineLivingBlog. Our team will decide if we could consider your article.

What Makes a Strong Article? 

The most favorite articles on OLB,
  • They are profoundly legitimate and individual. They don't move around the points of interest or incorporate unclear references to the creator's encounters. They include solid cases and paint a distinctive picture that different thoughtful people and very touchy individuals can identify with. 
  • They burrow underneath the surface. The counsel isn't distorted or hackneyed. It's wise, engaging users to comprehend their contemplative or very touchy nature on a more deep level. 
  • The article works to a reasonable message/lesson for users, something that may inspire a "WOW" minute for them. 
  • The article has a strong, clear association with self-preoccupation, high affect-ability, or identity sort. 

How to submit a guest post?

  • Write a creative, lucrative and meaningful article.
  • Give a suitable, eye catchy title.
  • Include your bio at the footer point of your post. (Add your social links such as Twitter, Facebook.) 
  • Added two links inside your post to different posts on OnlineLivingBlog. (Utilize high keywords grapple this way.) 
  • Transform your post into an editable Google Doc. (Since Google can be finicky, that implies making your post as a Google Doc — cutting and gluing if you've composed it in Word — as opposed to transferring a Word Doc to Drive.) 
  • If you can't use Google Doc, only use email to send or attach a doc file. However attaching file may delay our publication process. 
  • Send your article/article link (google doc) to this email You can use an alternative email


Can I re-post my article on my blog? 

No. On the off chance that we publish your post on OLB, we hold the rights to that substance. We don't permit republishing all alone blog or some other site.

Why do I have to submit using Google Docs? 

We utilize Google Docs since it permits us to effortlessly work together with a few people without going around new forms of a Word Doc. 

Will you edit my post? 

We'll edit for substance and clearness, doing our best to safeguard your voice. Don't be worried, we only edit if it needs, to improve SEO, authority, and copyrights.

Would it be advisable for me to include a photograph? 

No need. We'll include one. But if you have, you can add a relevant image.

What would it be advisable for me to do after I submit my post? 

Have patience. Our team will respond you with seven working days.  

Have a great guest blogging experience.

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