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The sponsored post is an excellent way to build trust and authority for business. From small firms to large enterprises use paid article option as their branding strategy. If you want to reach new audience and customer, start publishing Sponsored content at OnlineLivingBlog.

"Use the contact form below this post to contact with us. Or you can send direct email to admin@onlinelivingblog.com"
OnlineLivingBlog has targeted the audience who are interested in entrepreneurship, home business, digital marketing, Blogging, Search engine marketing, Social Media, Advertising, PPC, making money online, growth hacking and many more things that relate to an improved life and developed business.

Summary to publish sponsored content:

  • Each post costs USD 50 only
  • Fees for the sponsored post must be paid in full (and received by us) before publishing your articles.
  • Your article will be published only after we received the payment.
  • Payment method: PayPal or ACH Bank transfer or Payoneer

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Sponsored Post Opportunities
This blog offers very competitive rates for publishing a sponsored article. 

Use the contact form below this post to contact with us. Or you can send direct email to admin@onlinelivingblog.com

What options do you have for posting a sponsored post on this site?

You can publish a general article that written by you, of course, it must be unique. Sounds like guest post right? Yah, the difference here is you will get rel="dofollow" backlink with your keywords. 
You can publish your product or service reviews that relate to our content. 

Terms for sponsored article

  • An article should be minimum 600 words.
  • You can publish your written article or we can write for you. (In this case, the charge will be different).
  • You can promote
  • If we write for you, our opinion will be honest. That can be negative or positive for your products/services.
  • The post will be labeled as sponsored article. 
  • You can use up to three (3) links where necessary. 
  • Only one (1) link will be rel="dofollow" (Negotiable with high payments) 
  • You can remove sponsored label by offering bonus prizes. 
  • The article will be live for a lifetime (lifetime of this website).
  • Payments are not refundable.
We understand that every product/service needs special promotion. By publishing on our site will get new customers. The backlink will help you to improve site authority which is essential for SEO.
We would be happy to highlight your product/service on OnlineLivingBlog.

Sponsored Post Rates

We offer different rates for different type of service. However, our starting price is $50. And full payment must be paid before your article goes live.

Here is the price chart for sponsored posts:

Article category: general

  1. You write an article = $50 (You may include one rel="dofollow" link)
  2. We write for you = $100 (we will include one rel="dofollow" link for you)

Article Category: Product/Service Reviews:

  1. You write the review = $100 (You may include one or two rel="dofollow" link)
  2. We write honest review = $200 (we will include one or two rel="dofollow" link for you)
We believe in long-term partnership with companies/ webmasters like you. We believe in quality service and quality content that has some potential value to our readers. 

We know “one (fixed) price doesn’t fit all” so you may discuss with us depending on your needs. However, the price we mentioned above is set in these terms. 

You can check out an example of our review posts over here, with follow-up tutorials over here and over here.

Payment Mode:

Currently, we accept PayPal and Payoneer or ACH Bank Deposit as our payment solutions.

If need you can create a free Payoneer account by going here.

What are the advantages of a sponsored post?

Publishing an sponsored post on our site will help you to:
  • Spreading your brand name to new people.
  • Reach more targeted audience.
  • The article does not appear as advertising but as a recommendation of the influencer. It's natural, so you have a higher chance to get more leads in sell. 
  • Improve authority.
  • Better SEO result.

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