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5 Essential Ways To Make Your Home-Based Business Look More Professional

Make your home business look & feel more professional with these tips. Steps Consumers have more options today than ever before. From home based businesses to foreign conglomerates, technology has made it possible for just about anyone to launch a business venture that connects with customers around the world. So, how can your homemade business make a professional impression that… Read More »

8 Steps To Starting A Business

If 2019 is your year to start a business, follow these steps from Enterprise Nation founder and small business expert. They show how to come up with an idea, write a plan, get online, make sales and keep growing. Earlier I posted “8 Steps To Turn You Idea Into A Business” Consider to read it. 1) Come… Read More »

10 Myths About Happiness: Does Money Can Buy Happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind, or, if you like, an attitude. Overcoming the myths of happiness might make life seem more complicated, but it’s the only way to stop interfering with our own potential to be happy. Happiness has many different shapes and colors. If you are beating off creditors, your partner is sick… Read More »

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How to take advantage of social networks to win new customers?

Entrepreneurs already knows that without social networking their business will not be successful. Many entrepreneur wants to use social networking to grow their business, but they don’t know how? I’m trying to help you out of this situation, to make you social media king; Here is a top 10 tips to get you started on digital media, enjoy digital… Read More »

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5 Reasons Why Startups Need A Business Plan

The main serial killer of startups and SMEs is a bad execution. A business without a plan is like a ship without navigation systems. Eventually, it will end up lost or crash. A business plan increases the chances that your business will prosper. According to a study conducted by Babson College, new companies with a… Read More »

8 Ways to Increase Your Intellectual Capacity

Time invested in your personal growth is an investment in your success. Improve your emotional intelligence by practicing these eight things. To become a standout success, invest in yourself. The broader your investment, the more fit you become for sustaining your entrepreneurial journey. You can only grow your career to the extent that you develop… Read More »