The Impact of Work on Health – Ten Best Ways to Maintain Balance

By | 03.11.2017

Life is a juggling act, and we usually drop the ball when it comes to our health because we are too busy focusing on work and personal life. Here are ten ways to change.

The Impact of Work on Health - Ten Best Ways to Maintain Balance

For most people, it is difficult to find a way to take care of their health, have a successful career after writing a dissertation and still find personal time for family and friends. This inability to find balance exacts a high price on their health – physically and emotionally – and results in a laundry list of ailments from exhaustion, anxiety, and depression to backaches, headaches, and colds.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost half of the workers in the U.S. put in 50-plus hours per week on their job. That’s more than the Europeans or the Japanese. No wonder the American people have medical problems and are looking for balance in their lives.

Unfortunately, as busy as everyone is, no one has time to figure out how to put the balance back in.

So here it is: ten ways for over-worked, under-staffed employees to put the balance back into their lives.

Establish Priorities

Set boundaries and stick to them. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus on the important stuff. Delegate – especially the things that others do better.

Take a Break

Step back from the stress and strain whether it is in the middle of the workday or on the weekend. Take a walk during break time, ride a bike on the weekend, whatever it takes to feel refreshed.

Improve Time Management Skills

Use a calendar and tickler file to track due dates and appointments. Set up e-mail notification for important commitments.

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Take a Vacation

Put play and vacation time into the schedule. Even if on a business trip, get away from the rest of the team and relax. On vacation, do not answer the call or check e-mail. No one is really that indispensable.

Take Care of your Health

Get enough sleep and exercise. Cut out the junk food and midnight kitchen raids. Eat good, healthy food and drink plenty of water.Rest after work physically and emotionally.

Talk to Friends and Family

Having a trusted outlet like a significant other or best friend is a great way to unwind or vent. Just be sure to give them equal time.They will be happy to help you.

Use the Company EAP

The Employee Assistance Program is there to help employees deal with their confidential issues. Ask the human resources department about a program at work.

Talk to Your Boss

Speak to the boss. Let him know what is going on and work out an equitable plan, whether that means shifting responsibilities, cutting back on hours or taking a leave.

Stop It

When the workday is over, go home. No matter what is left on the desk to do, vow to just get up and walk out. Rest is necessary for productive work. Don`t forget about this.


Indulge in a treat. A manicure or pedicure, a massage, or an entire day at the spa.
While a lot of companies have begun to offer a variety of health-related programs, like weight loss, exercise and work/life balance, ultimately it is up to each individual to make the right changes and build balance into their lives.

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