10 Best Brand Monitoring Tools That Can Improve Your Branding

By | 10.11.2017

Brand monitoring is an essential yet often neglected aspect of internet marketing. Whether you are managing a big brand or owner of a small business, you should keep tracking your branding performance, so that you can deliver the best of its service.

You might be doing an excellent job identifying the right keywords for your brand and making decisions for the perfect strategies to rank for them, but do you know, how satisfied are your customers? If your customer posts a bad experience feedback on social media, will you know it? You should know everytime someone talks about your brand. To do so, you have to keep watching every second. But its impossible to do. Luckily few tools do great jobs for monitoring a brand on the web.

10 Best Brand Monitoring Tools That Can Improve Your Branding

You need to resolve your customer’s issue, whether they come to you or post a question on facebook/twitter. This way, your brand’s trust ratio will improve, and both you and clients will be happy. Some brand monitoring tools allow you to take feedback and post automatically on social media and send an email.

A few days back, I had an issue with a very new VPN service. But the web has no review yet. So I had to search the issue deeply, and on Google’s 10/12 page I found an unfamiliar forum, where they talked only a few words mentioning the VPN brand. I visited and saw the VPN company replied the thread. I wonder how they know that immediately after posting a new forum thread? It’s pretty clear they are using one the best brand monitoring tools to track their names.

There are a lot of excellent brand monitoring tools out there. Choose the best fit for you. If you look for basic, you can find some tools for free to use. But I recommend you to use the paid one. Here are our picks for the top 10 brand monitoring tools for 2017:

#10. Tool of the month – BrandMentions  

BrandMentions is an excellent and unique next-generation brand monitoring tool for every business to gain reputation management, business intelligence, and competitor research. This tool is completely different than keyword analysis tool SEMRush and backlinks analysis tool Ahrefs. You can easily track your brand’s social mention and anywhere on the web. By having access to a very wide mention database, BrandMentions allows you to do:

  • Marketing Analysis
  • Media Monitoring
  • Business Intelligence
  • Competitor Spying
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Writing
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BrandMention is currently hosting a massive giveaway over $100000 worth web apps and tools for entrepreneurs. You can be one of the winners and get early access to BrandMentions. Also, you’ll be able to win some apps for a lifetime. I recommend you to try BrandMention’s Giveaway to win a price. Competition is ongoing and will be ended on December 5, 2017. 
I believe this one will be one of the best five tools to monitor brands in 2018. What do you think? Let me know in the comment box. Now let’s see the list below.  

Best Brand Monitoring Tools

1. SEMRush

At the point when individuals specify your image in remarks on websites or web-based social networking, it can be hard to find those notices. It used to be chiefly incomprehensible.

SEMRush is a standout amongst the most well-known SEO instruments out there for online advertisers and mainly intended to screen those notices and track your competitors. This apparatus tells you when our image is specified in these remarks, and you can set up cautions to discover when they are going on.

With SEMRush, you can likewise get bits of knowledge into what your competitors are doing as such you recognize open doors for your own promoting. In particular, you can perceive what catchphrases your competitors are utilizing and how they are positioning on those watchwords in query items. Your outcomes will be parsed by show publicizing, interfaces, and paid and natural pursuit.

2. Brandwatch

Brandwatch compiles data from more than 70 million sources to help you get a comprehensive listing of all the mentions of your brand.

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This tool not only shows you where your mentions are coming from, but it also lets you know what kind of reach those comments are getting as a result of shares, comments, and likes.

Brandwatch monitors mention across the globe and gives you results in 27 languages.

3. Brands Eye

Mark a bull’s eye on your brand with Brands Eye.
Not exclusively will these instruments tell you when there’s been a specify of your image, however it will likewise tell you what the notoriety of the wellspring of the say is. As it were, you’ll know whether the site is some no-account startup that you can overlook since it’s recently attempting to make its name by cutting yours down.

Brands Eye tells you the setting of your say, also, and lets you know whether you should make a quick move. It is a group-sourced site that utilizations genuine individuals to screen your notices.

4. Hootsuite 

Many individuals utilize Hootsuite to plan their web-based social networking posts and streamline their long range informal communication. Be that as it may, you can likewise use the device to screen your image specifies via web-based networking media.

To do as such, you merely need to set up a pursuit inquiry with your image name, and after that Hootsuite will send you alarms when your expression flies up via web-based networking media. Hootsuite screens Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

5. Mention

Track brand mentions across the web with this straightforward tool.

Mention offers free and paid accounts that let you get exactly what you need for your investment. You can monitor your own brand or your competitors to keep track of your marketing campaign.


If you haven’t started using IFTTT, now is the time.

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This convenient device enables you to tweak a large number of online channels. To utilize it, you set up a “trigger” channel that at that point enacts an “activity” channel. For example, each time your image is said on Twitter, IFTTT can send you content, an email, a push warning, et cetera.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is another tool that people often use for another reason, but that can also be used to track brand mentions.

Most people use BuzzSumo to find hot content and trends to build their content marketing strategy. However, you can also use it to track brand mentions by plugging in your company name for your alert query. Find out when you or your competitors are mentioned in real time.

8. Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts is a simple tool that lets you track keyword activity.

You can easily plug in your own brand name to find mentions as they happen. Narrow your results with criteria like language, content type and more.

9. Google Alerts

Start with the master: Google.

Google offers Alerts that let you discover when a say happens anyplace on the web. Just put in your image and choices of your name to see every one of your notices as they arise. Limit your outcomes by recurrence, sort, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Utilize any of these instruments to screen your image, and you’ll have a vastly improved handle on your online notoriety and what you have to do to get it where you need it. You’ll establish the connection you need and begin achieving the clients you need.

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