7 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud And Internet Scams

Thanksgiving, Christmas sales and the most discounts of the year are approaching. Most people want to shop online with discounts, but many d...

Thanksgiving, Christmas sales and the most discounts of the year are approaching. Most people want to shop online with discounts, but many don't aware of internet scams. Here are seven ways to avoid internet scams from fraud marketers and sellers.

In this article, you will learn how to avoid internet scams and purchase online without being cheated. Take a close look before you shop anything especially during any discounted season.

Internet Scams- 7 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud
November and December have some weekends that usually used for consumer promotion and exclusive discounts in USA and Mexico. Perhaps is some other countries too. Many of these shopping opportunities occur through the internet, so it is essential to take security measures to prevent e-commerce from turning into a nightmare.

That's why we are offering some primary cybersecurity tips for your safety and keep you away from internet scams during Christmas and any festive season. Make sure you are following the rules before confirming any online purchase.

1. Upgrade your devices: 

It is essential that the devices from which you make purchases online are working with the latest version of your programs and security systems. This prevents criminals from taking advantage of the weaknesses of the system to access personal information.

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2. Secure connection: 

It can be convenient to connect from mobile devices to the Internet in public places, but it is a risky practice since these networks are vulnerable to attacks by hackers and criminals. It is best to shop online from a reliable and secure Wi-Fi network.

3. Do not take risks with strangers: 

Many websites give tempting offers these days, but they can be the "hook" to attract attention and lead the user to provide their personal information to criminals. It is essential to verify the reputation of the site and that the address begins are https, which means that it has the stamps of authenticity that only have the pages secure.

4. Review the conditions of purchase: 

Exhaustively analyzes the policies and terms of purchase that the website has, as well as the privacy policies under which they will handle your confidential data. It is also essential to know the return policies in case the product does not comply with the agreement.

5. Only share purchase data: 

Do not provide data that is not needed to make the purchase, such as other bank account numbers, contact details of family members or friends.

6. Be suspicious of what seems too good: 

Too attractive promotions, discounts, and prices are often the bait used by fraudsters to convince their victims to enter their fake pages, even when they seem to come from large, well-known companies. You should be wary of all emails with these characteristics and go directly to the sites of each company to verify the promotions.

7. Check your movements: 

After making purchases online, it is essential to verify that the statements are only recorded the amounts corresponding to the purchases made. Recently many account holders have reported small charges that they do not recognize. This is a strategy of hackers to validate if the cards are active and in those that have not filed claims, the charge will be made monthly. It is even possible that the quantities gradually increase.

Putting into practice the above measures will help you to make your purchases online during the festive season in a comfortable and above all, safe way.

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