20 Creative Block Breakers That Actually Work

Creating a great personality is on your hand. Let's make it simple, develop and exercise your creative mind, and it can lead you on the ...

Creating a great personality is on your hand. Let's make it simple, develop and exercise your creative mind, and it can lead you on the road to success. These routine changes can transform your attitude and open your mind.

It doesn't matter if you are an artist, a marketer, a scientist or an engineer, practice is the master, and the only way to keep your imagination and creativity active is through exercises and routines that will keep your brain always active.

Everyone's mind works differently, so we recommend 20 simple activities that can help reaching your creative state you want.

20 Creative Block Breakers That Actually Work

1. Always carry with you a small notebook in which you can make notes, although you can also use your tablet or smartphone to write or record voice notes park do not miss a single idea. You never know when and where the inspiration will come.

2. Make lists of everything you can think of, the order in things sets the rules for a well-designed creative work.

3. Write or draw those ideas that you have in mind, land them and give them form. No matter if you don't know how to draw, the idea is not to let that moment of inspiration pass. Then, more calmly, check them out and add or remove elements to "polish" them.

4. Going for a walk from time to time helps to organize ideas, not everything is to be in front of your computer or attentive on your cell phone while you waste time on social networks.

5. It is worth having the mind blank, do not despair. There are days when the inspiration will not come, but there is no reason to be alarmed, within the creative process this is normal. Take advantage of this time to go to the cinema, practice your favorite sport, or go out with friends, in one of those you get a Great Idea.

6. If you work locked up in an office from Monday to Friday, it is advisable to take breaks. Giving yourself at least five minutes can be the key to returning to your creative and operative tasks with more desire.

7. Get inspired with music. Now with streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, listening to new music is available to everyone. Give yourself the opportunity to know and listen to pieces of all genres and styles; it is scientifically proven that music is a generator of ideas because it activates the emotions and is an incredible creative trigger.

8. There are few things as magical as the smell of coffee in the morning. Drinking a cup can be an excellent stimulant if done during the early hours of the day.

9. Do not close your mind to the ideas of others. Remember that even if you master some discipline, the knowledge and experiences of another colleague can be the key piece that complements your project or idea. Don't forget to give credit to whoever deserves it, especially if the work is collaborative.

10. Surround yourself with people who look more like the future you want and not like your past, make sure they are creative and purposeful so you can learn from them.

11. Feedback is an exercise you should always practice so you can turn in other directions in time. Good opinions are great, but accept the ones that are not so good to know in what faults. Don't forget: be humble.

12. Teamwork is crucial in the practice of creativity; in addition to bringing excellent results, teaches you to coexist with other ideas different from yours and generates a more open perspective.

13. If things don't go the way you wanted, don't give up. Perhaps it is time to resume another project, remember that constancy is the key to success.

14. Remember that inspiration must find you while you work, so stay active in everything you do.

15. Laugh at mistakes, but learn from them. Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself if your ideas are very revolutionary. Show yourself without fear, maybe another '' crazy '' out there share your thoughts and achieve something great.

16. Stay clean: From time to time clean and order your place of work. Besides that this activity is therapeutic, you move the energies so that the ideas flow better.

17. Don't be afraid to propose new ideas in your work, it does not matter if you suggest them to the boss. Being proactive means you do not just do what you are told, but your brain is continually moving to discover how to achieve new things.

18. Eat well, do not skip meals because you have a lot of work. Almonds, whole seeds - such as oats and even chocolate - help create new neural connections and favor the creative process. Fruits and vegetables are also important.

19. Do not limit yourself. Stupid or strange as your ideas may seem, never reject them. Creativity transforms the impossible into infinite possibilities.

20. And please: have fun. Choose a right attitude every day, regardless of whether it's Monday or Friday. Good ideas flow best when we are happy.

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