The Only Internet Marketing Strategy You Need

Ranking on the first page of Google is terrible. But it can be easier if you follow these three rules of blogging and content marketing. Rul...

Ranking on the first page of Google is terrible. But it can be easier if you follow these three rules of blogging and content marketing. Rule one is "Write more often to appear on the first page of Google." Rule two is "Write longer posts to generate more visits, but take longer to prepare." And rule three is "Promote your content all the time to make a commitment from your readers."  

The Only Internet Marketing Strategy You Need
  These are some of the tips you read in books, blogs, and magazines to improve your internet presence or your marketing strategy, whether business or personal. But no matter where you apply them (your posts, your videos or whatever content you create), everyone is doing the same.

Would not it be better to stand out from the others? Do something that others do not? A different marketing strategy? The truth is that those three tips that I started with are excellent, but the best way to make everything you write is shocking, different and really stand out, is not through speed, size or quantity; You achieve it by being different in a useful and meaningful way.

You can write short posts but high quality, promote you strategically without going heavy and let time decide if you deserve or not be on the first page of a search engine, and also do so for many other merits.

This strategy is not new, in fact, it has always worked, but modern times and the fear of missing something (FOMO) or being left behind have brought us into a world of panic and anxiety that They make us believe that if you stop publishing something for a day, you're dead. There is no such thing. 

Relax and follow these 3 tips to not let the internet stress your life.

Think Tweets

You've never been alone. When Marketing guru Seth Godin prefers writing one- or two- paragraph posts and shorter-than-conventional books, you know it's a strategy that has real precursors. You do not have to write more than you want, fill a page with words or make too much of a concept. Now we can appreciate more the content that - as part of being of great quality - can be consumed quickly. Write better before writing more, and your readers will thank you.

Choose well

You can not dominate everything, so you have to decide what your niche market will be, the best place to distribute your content, the best platform to promote it, etc. For example, write on LinkedIn if your customers or readers are there, create in Pinterest if your audience is mostly female, publish in Snapchat if you want to attract a more youthful market. Increase your presence and your marketing strategy wherever you want them to see you, and forget about places where there is no one with whom you want to connect.

Be different

"When everyone does Zig, you do Zag," said Marty Neumeier in his book ZAG 2006, now a classic (by the way, if you read Mariano's Blog this book will charm you, look a little about it at this link). Ask yourself what this is that no one else is doing and you can do it yourself, like creating videos when everyone else is writing posts, or giving away your book when others are selling yours. Being different and proposing something else and - why not say it - radical, those visits that you are looking for are going to arrive faster than you thought.

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