12 Free Android VPN Apps To Surf Anonymously

Virtual Private Networks or VPN, as they are commonly referred to, are something we’d recommend to every internet user these days. They are ...

Virtual Private Networks or VPN, as they are commonly referred to, are something we’d recommend to every internet user these days. They are instrumental, as they not only let you access geo-locked content among other useful features, they bring privacy to your internet usage in a world concerned with online security risks. Considering we spend most of our time online on our smartphones and Android is the most widely used mobile OS by a huge margin, it’s important to have the best VPN apps installed on your Android device. Don’t you think?

So, without any further ado, here are 12 best VPN apps for Android. You can choose to install the one you like.

12 Free Android VPN Apps To Surf Anonymously

1. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

Install: (Free, Premium available)

With approximately 330 million downloads around the globe, Hotspot Shield is at the top of the list. Apart from traditional features found in any VPN app, it provides banking-level HTTPS encryption to secure the WiFi connection so that the outgoing data can be protected from eavesdroppers.

2. SurfEasy

Install: (Free, Premium subscription starts at $2.99/month)

The Opera-owned SurfEasy is a fairly popular Android VPN app, thanks to some of its unique features in addition to VPN. It includes various virtual location including US, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Germany and more. The unique features include a cool WiFi security option that you can quickly toggle, a widget to connect/disconnect right from the home screen.

The app offers 500 MB free usage, but the good thing is you can earn more free data by confirming your email address, rating the app on Play Store, inviting friends and more such tasks. You can also get the premium version, which brings unlimited data and comes with a mobile plan and all-devices plan. So, if you plan on using a single VPN app across your different devices, you can get SurfEasy.

3. SecureLine VPN

Install: (Free, Premium available)

SecureLine VPN is a nice app developed by Avast. They are famous for developing one of the best antiviruses worldwide. The private VPN Tunnel of SecureLine VPN encrypts the data using IPsec protocol which makes it really tough for hackers to snip the data through public WiFi hotspots. The app will perform all this work for you with just a click.

4. VyprVPN

Install: (Free, Premium available)

VyprVPN has to be one of the most advanced VPN apps accessible on the Play Store today. Firstly, the app includes tons of virtual locations including Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Costa Rica, Finland, US, UK and way more. The app even shows the ping values in ms alongside every location server name so you can choose the best. There are various other advanced options like the ability to have two simultaneous VPN connections and block specific web elements along with features like encrypted VyprDNS, Chameleon protocol to mask VPN traffic and more.

The app offers 500 MB data, but you can extend that to up to 2 GB a month with invites. The premium subscription does bring unlimited data and all the global servers, but at $9.99/month, it’s a little pricey.

5. Hola Free VPN 

Install: (Free, Premium available)

Hola Free VPN app is mainly for those who are looking for an entirely free VPN android App with some striking features. Along with securing data and providing access to geographically blocked content, Hola Free VPN speeds up browsing by selecting and connecting to the nearest and fastest servers automatically from the list of servers located in 190+ countries. [Get it here]

6. F-Secure Freedome VPN

Install: (Free trial 14 days, Premium subscription starts at $2.99/month)

Freedome by the folks at F-Secure is a very feature rich VPN app. Security features are owing to app security along with tracking, connection, and browsing protection. It also makes sure to bring you stats about any malicious apps on your device, harmful sites and tracking attempts. The app includes more than 15 virtual location to choose from including the likes of Hong Kong, Japan, Belgium, UK, Canada, US, Australia, etc. Other features include the ability to set apps to bypass the VPN settings and add trusted WiFi networks.

Freedome is available for a free trial of 14 days, after which you will have to pay for a subscription plan.

7. Super VPN 

Install: (Free trial two months, Premium subscription starts at $2.99/month)

Super VPN is easy to use Android app with approximately 5 million installs around the globe. It encrypts the traffic to keep the transmitted and received data safe from 3rd party tracking without having to register or configure the settings of the device in a special way. Just a single click will enable you to use the Internet and browse websites anonymously.

8. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the hands-down paid VPN service one can have on their smartphones. The reliability, performance is something you exclusively pay for. They have big 135+ global servers to connect, it not only makes your connection faster but also highly confidential. As the industry standard, ExpressVPN’s network is secured with SSL and 256-bit encryption.

The base plan helps you to connect to mobile phones, desktops, and tablets with unlimited bandwidth or data usage. Best part, you can configure the connection type that includes UDP and TCP connections. The download and upload speed are decent when connected, thanks to the high-performance servers. 

9. Touch VPN

Touch VPN encrypts data by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which maintains a safe and encrypted link between server and client. The app also helps conserve the battery of the device in comparison to other VPN Apps. This makes it ideal for those who are looking for an app which offers these 2 features. 

10. Betternet 

We cannot skip Betternet if you talk about privacy. It is the old-school VPN service that is completely free to use without any hidden charges. Since it is free, you cannot connect to different servers. You have to bear with a single US server for all your needs, if you are okay, you can upgrade to premium anytime for various locations.

Premium plan also eliminates the advertisements; you won’t be annoyed with any ads. Also, you can connect up to 5 devices with the same account.

11. Flash VPN Proxy 

The Flash VPN Proxy app provides secure and encrypted VPN network to make sure that all your incoming and outgoing data remains intact from hackers and data stealers. The best thing about it is that you can use it smoothly because it offers a decent amount of bandwidth for communication, which is only often provided by premium apps. On top of that, there is no limit to how long you can connect for. 

12. Turbo VPN

A bigger brother a Betternet, Turbo VPN let you connect with six different location without any bandwidth limit. The servers are efficient enough to get decent speed while you are connected, although the privacy might not be a highly encrypted like premium, we complain as it is free.

There is a technical support window opened, which you can hang around if you had something to deal technically.

Bonus: Opera

The latest version of the Opera web browser now includes a VPN client. Unlike other browsers, this isn't an extension or add-on: it's part of the browser. And it really is free, so you're not limited to the amount of data you use per month, and you won't have to pay for a subscription.

At present, it's only a beta version, and the finished version will be available soon. It means that you can only pick from the US, Canada or Germany, but that's fine if you're in the UK and you want to access sites in the US.

To use the feature you have to go to the O menu, then Settings, then Privacy & Security and toggle the free VPN on.

Summing up,

Having the tight internet security might be a tough go, but it’s a great road to play safe by hiding your internet identity. While using the public WiFi connection, the chances of getting hacked are relatively higher. In these circumstances, you have to leverage the potential of best free & premium VPN Apps For Android 2017. It helps you more and protects many internet hazards.

Some of these VPN clients are free with unlimited bandwidth and data usage, whereas some are premium service which can be a good move if you concern about your privacy. Sharing is caring, isn’t it? Feel free to share with your friends and relative.

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