The Million Dollar Question: Should I Quit My Job to Start a Business?

By | 19.08.2017
When I first decided to give digital marketing a try, I was not only in college; I was also running a lawn-mowing business. After classes and in my time off, I sat down at my laptop and learned about how to make sales through the internet.

Soon, I set up my first capture pages and started posting ads online to bring in sales. It was really slow going at first until I actually invested a sizeable amount of money into the company and decided it was time to focus all of my attention on it.

The Million Dollar Question: Should I Quit My Job to Start a Business?

So, I quit school, gave up my loyal lawn-mowing clients, and put everything I had into digital marketing. Nearly a year later, it started to pay off. Letting go of my other responsibilities was the right decision for me, but it isn’t the answer for everyone.

You Always Have Enough Time 

If there’s one thing I really dislike hearing from people, it’s that they don’t have enough time to start a business. I started my business while I was still studying and had lawns to mow. We all have the same number of hours in the day; it just depends on how we use them.

Just because you can’t immediately dedicate five, eight or 12 hours a day to your business doesn’t mean there’s no point in trying. Keep track of how you spend your day and find regular intervals where you are inadvertently wasting time.

You might be surprised where you can find spare time. I’ve spoken to one MOBE consultant who recently realized how much time he was wasting in traffic jams every day. Now he conducts sales calls instead of just sitting and waiting for the traffic to move.

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Tackle One Task at a Time 

Fifty-two percent of entrepreneurs start their businesses at home, which means if you’re juggling your business with normal home and work responsibilities, you aren’t alone.

I know that it’s tougher to dedicate time to a business if you already have a full-time job and other responsibilities, but I also know it’s not impossible. If you’re feeling frustrated, here’s my advice: start small.

Even one hour a day is enough time to get the ball rolling. It’s enough time to watch a business education video, to set up a basic sales page, or to post a couple of online ads. Then, once you’ve started, you’ll feel compelled to check your results and build on them.

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It’s All about Prioritizing 

I never tell someone outright that they should quit their job to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Only you can know if it’s the right time to do so, and the right decision for you. What I can say for sure, however, is that you have to prioritize.

You have to put your business above your career at some point, or it will go nowhere. Personally, I realized at a certain point that I wasn’t committed enough to my business and had to make a change. When I noticed I was focused on too many things at once and accomplishing very little, I knew I had to prioritize my marketing business to make sure it was successful.

Focus, Focus, Focus 

Once I made my business my number one focus, it became successful and started to grow by leaps and bounds. If you make the same commitment, you’ll know when you’re ready to quit your current job and focus full-time on your business.

The tipping point comes when you see the results of the work you’ve already put in, and know that just a few more hours and days will make all the difference in getting your name and website out there. If you are ready to put all you have into the business, then I say, go for it.

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