How To Keep Your Poo Crystal Clear In Just A Few Easy Steps!

By | 29.08.2017

Water is a great relaxant. When we talk about a personal swimming pool, well certainly, a valuable asset it is. But, with its routine usage, it demands maintenance too. Hence, the simplest steps to keep your pool crystal clear so that you can enjoy swimming in fresh water with your family, friends, and kids are given below:

crystal clear pool

Pool Cleaners –

Pool cleaners are the most efficient tools to suck even minute dirt particles when it comes to making you pool dirt free. Submerged in the water and hooked up to the filter pool cleaners offer the best solution to private pool owners. They have a great mechanism to remove the ground dirt. You can look for some of the best robotic pool cleaners online if you want your pool to be cleaned on auto mode without you having to pay personal attention. They are programmable and can clean even bigger pools very efficiently.

Regulate Chemical Levels –

Keeping a check on the chemicals present in the pool is one of the most essential steps for cleaning the pool. The two factors which should be borne in mind are – Chlorine and ph levels. Chlorine is often used for killing all germs and infectious agents present in the water. The ph of the water decides the alkaline or acidic range which is used as evidence that how efficiently Chlorine is working to keep the water clear. In case, the levels are not as per requirements, take necessary steps accordingly.

Skimming –

Skimming is a technique which is used to remove the leaves and debris from the surface of the water. Try to always make use of a long skimmer. It will not only collect the leaves but insects and other debris too. The main reason behind skimming is that all minute dust particles and even other materials can be washed out with backwashing but dry and hard garbage either remains on the surface or get stuck in the lanes.


Backwashing The Pool –

The process of cleaning the filter to keep the water clean for a long time is known as Backwashing. To refresh the pool, we must clean the filter every now and then, and hence water is made to flow in the opposite direction to achieve the objective. Whenever the pool water appears to be hazy and cloudy, mark it, that backwashing time has arrived.

Brushing –

Dirt often sediments at the base and on the sides of the pool. This can be removed only by brushing. Use a firm brush to perform this act. Once the dirt subsidies towards the drain, it can be removed by vacuum pumps.

Checking The Circulation –

The whole water circulation system should be intact. All the filters drain, skimmers, strainers, and pumps should be regularly maintained in order to achieve maximum efficiency while cleaning the pool. Surprisingly, this whole set up helps in regulating chemical balance. It is beneficial to run the pump fully once in a day so that water is easily filtered.

Shock Treatment –

Shock treatments are opted to remove the algae, bacteria and any other organic matter which forms a separate layer in the water. It is advisable to fully chlorinate or shock the pool once in a week so that proper cleaning of the pool can be done and fresh water should again be poured.

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