7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Company

By | 11.08.2017

Choosing a perfect name for your brand is tough. Brand naming is one of the success factors of your business. Follow these tips to pick a winning name that catches consumer’s attention and strengthens your branding.

Most entrepreneurs think countless details when starts a business and leave at the end one of the most important aspects: choose the name of the company or brand. The sad reality is that sometimes having a good name can be the difference between pushing a business towards success or making it fail.

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Company

Names have great power. Words are significant even in business. If you choose well the name of your brand and you will have a good branding.

Here are seven points to keep in mind when determining your name:

1. The name should sound well

A good option is to use compound names that begin with the same letter (e.g., Coca-Cola). Be sure to say it aloud many times. Avoid any kind of language vices such as cacophonies (repetition of sounds), confusions or difficulties when pronouncing it. Think that if you succeed, your brand will be mentioned on the radio, television or in conversations between people.

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2. Use a name that has to mean and offers a benefit

Try to say that when you say your name, you immediately know what the business is about and what the direct benefit it provides to consumers. This should not be too generic or include too many turns or industries. Do not want to be a todologist and cover all markets.

3. Avoid syndrome 3.0

On the Internet and on social networks, it is common for names to skip letters or words as if they were dyslexic (as in Flickr). This does not work in real life. People like to know how words are pronounced without having to research it first. You should make it easier for your potential consumers to find you in any medium and to recommend you to their acquaintances.

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4. Do not use initials

Although there are brands such as IBM, HSBC or 3M that have managed to position their names based on acronyms, in fact, these are unattractive and difficult to remember. As long as you start with a small business and do not have an international company, just trust unusual names for your audience.

5. Specify

Again: Do not use generic names that mean nothing to those who listen to it for the first time. In your name, you must make reference to something related to your company, its industry or the products and services it offers.

6. Make Sure You Can Register

If you plan to build a large brand, in the long run, you should investigate if it does not already exist in the market or if it closely resembles one of your competitors or the well-known companies. To register your name and your brand, you must do it in the IMPI.

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7. Try it on Google AdWords

This Google tool will allow you to find similar phrases, keywords of your turn and know how many local and global searches have certain terms. Some of these searches will help you to know if there is not a name very similar to the one you are considering that has better positioning on the Internet. Also doing this can be the first step towards SEO for your future website.

Another tip: Think of words that can eventually be used as verbs or that leave room for the creation of a new language. For example “Google.”

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