17 Bad Habits That Can Cost You Your Job [Anti-professional Behaviors]

A single bad habit is unlikely to get you fired instantly, but the consequence of the bad habit eventually can. We all have  negative behavi...

A single bad habit is unlikely to get you fired instantly, but the consequence of the bad habit eventually can. We all have negative behaviors. Apparently, you linger, gossip, or lack punctuality. These bad habits don’t necessarily make you horrible, but as a worker, they can render on you, and even cost you your job. Here are seventeen bad habits we marked that can cost you your job, so learn about them and stay safe.

17 Bad Habits That Can Cost You Your Job [Anti-professional Behaviors]

To be late for work

"Punctuality is critical," says Rosalinda Oropeza, a human resources expert and author of the book Do not Burp in the Boardroom. "Being professional brings you on time to your work and be available for any eventuality."

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Delay work meetings

Just like being late for your day, delaying a work meeting because you are not on time is a bad habit. Making people wait is considered an act of bad manners, little constancy, and arrogance. 

Be negative all the time

Regularly respond to delicate situations in the company with a negative attitude, uncooperative or with phrases such as "That will not work," "That seems very difficult" or "I do not even know where to start" you should avoid. 

Neglecting office facilities

Being the 'dirty' office will never be a compliment. Either because you have a disaster on your site, never wash your food utensils or have no respect for the hygiene of others. Your workplace is a reflection of your personality.

Unnecessary Interrogation

When you are assigned a new task and instead of accepting it, assimilate it and execute it you begin to ask questions about it, EYE: it is not wrong to ask, but it is not good to ask too much ... since you can misinterpret your questions as excuses.

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Having Facebook all the time open and let your boss see you is not a good omen. You can confuse accounts and post private business issues on your profile. Avoid it!

A bad image

You should always act according to the role and responsibilities you have. A person with poor health and hygiene could cause discomfort in the work environment. Although we do not like the idea a lot, the image depends on many things... including how people see you.

To invent diseases

Call your boss because you're sick when you're not really sick. You will demonstrate weakness, and if there is an opportunity for job growth, your boss will not call you if you say you are sick often.

Talk about divorce

It has been proven that people who get divorced from it tend to generate tension in the office. A boss looks for an individual who knows how to solve problems with discretion and not that he is alarming everyone with the subject.

Sell things

There seems to be no office where they do not sell cookies, chocolates, clothes or shoes. Either by helping the children or by increasing their income. This activity in addition to removing work time could go against the rules of the company if it prohibits sales.

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Not paying attention at meetings

Sending messages or watching videos during any work session is annoying to everyone. There must be interest and proactivity on the part of the employee in any work meeting. This is a key point for bosses, plus it could be taken as disrespect.

To say profanity

To say rude or express yourself in a demeaning way in most of the offices is frowned upon and even call you Human Resources to have a talk. Expressing yourself with rudeness in the face of a problem denotes that you do not have the ability to resolve labor situations with discretion.

Make personal calls all the time

Talking on the phone or being around with messages to family, friends or boyfriend is unprofessional. While you do it during a break or during your meal time, there is no problem, but during business hours it could cause you problems.

Sports Betting

Before organizing any type of activity that involves betting on your job, investigate if it does not cause for dismissal. You could take a very unpleasant surprise.

Being too noisy

Even with the new boys or those members who do not like you, gossip is very wrong. One of the attitudes that will always make you different in the eyes of the boss is not to fall into that office game.


There is a fragile line between curiosity and sniffing. Curiosity is when you ask about the new one in the office. Hussey is when you slip into an office on the sly to check the files of other colleagues. Unacceptable!

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Provide your home

It is okay that when you go to the house to finish the work you take office supplies but it is entirely different when you bring folders and pencils for a whole month, markers of all colors and several notebooks. The same applies to office telephones. It's not worth abusing.

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