16 Top WordPress Blogs You Should Follow

By | 31.08.2017

WordPress is the best blogging platform for both beginner and advanced bloggers. It became hugely popular for its easy-to-use CMS tool. Approximately 28% of the web is built with WordPress. If you are new to creating a blog or managing a website, you need to learn a lot of thing about WordPress blogging. In this case, you should follow some great WordPress blog which you will find in this article. 

Why WordPress Blog? 

WordPress is free to use and has a strong community which is continuously growing. Easy to use and design your website, no need to learn to code. It’s a free CMS service that allows you to earn money with your content. However, you have to buy hosting to make money but you can start a free site without purchasing. Most of the pro bloggers recommended WordPress platform for creating sites. And of course, I also recommend it to manage any type of website. 

16 Top WordPress Blogs You Should Follow

WordPress Blogs To Follow

Learning about WordPress blogging is endless. You will never reach the end point of knowing things. Because every day the community and designer creating something new. So you must have to be updated with the latest WordPress news, technology, and information. You have to take advantage from other great bloggers who are regularly updating and publishing WordPress tutorials. 

To keep you updated here are a few of the best WordPress blogs you should follow to learn how to get the most out of WordPress platform. 

1. WordPress.org Blog

The most obvious place WordPress users should turn to for more information on using the website is the platform’s own blog. The WordPress.org blog announces updates to the platform and related gatherings and events. To stay on top of notable changes to the technology your website depends on, this is an outstanding blog to keep your eye on.

2. WPBeginner 

Must read for every WordPress beginner! Blog guides your through very basics of WP features, tutorials help you to start your blog in few minutes. WPBeginner.com covers all the common issues you may face before you officially launch your first website. Syed Balkhi personally discovered WordPress in 2006 and started to use it for his clients as a responsible platform. In 2009, he founded WPBeginner.com with the primary goal to provide high-quality tips, tricks, hacks that allow beginners to improve their sites. Currently, more than 320,000 subscribers from 190 countries trust WPBeginner’s helpful DIY tutorials and tips.

3. Codeinwp 

Codeinwp is a blog for designers that use WordPress. It highlights useful themes and templates, plug-ins worth checking out, and tutorials for people new to designing for WordPress.

4. WPExplorer 

The WPExplorer blog provides lots of tips and guides on ways to use WordPress including general posts on how to make money with WordPress and more specifically how to posts to talk users through the smaller tasks they’ll need to accomplish.

5. WP Superstars 

Recently launched by Blogging Wizard owner Adam Connell, WP Superstars publishes useful plugin and theme reviews. General advice about WordPress is also shared, and there is a hosting comparison page and recommended WordPress resources page.

6. JustWP 

In spite of the “just” in the name, JustWP covers a wide variety of topics, all of them related to using WordPress. For any designers (or amateur ones) they offer plug-in, theme, texture, and icon suggestions. They provide tips for WordPress security, general maintenance, and useful snippets. And they provide how to posts that answer an array of questions WordPress users may have.

7. Tom McFarlin 

Tom McFarlin is a WordPress developer who offers custom development and design services through Pressware. He regularly shares his thoughts on WordPress and publishes tutorials and advice for WordPress users.
Very few WordPress developers actually take the time to share their views with others; which is why I recommend checking out Tom’s blog.

8. Yoast 

Popular SEO plugin knows how important is to optimize your website, so the crew blogs about it quite often and also consult with several big brands. The articles reach over half a million people seeking for tips and tutorials how to solve the common issues, make websites more usable, faster, more reliable which eventually ends up in growing business. Blog of Yoast covers categories such as general SEO, content SEO, usability and conversion, social media – everything you need to know to increase the number of your visitors.

9. Chris Lema 

Chris Lema is a WordPress expert that provides general online marketing advice for businesses, as well as more WordPress-specific tips and best practices.

10. WinningWP 

WinningWP is managed by Brin Wilson and is a great resource for WordPress. Learn about new WordPress themes, checkout some plugin reviews and acquire new skills with helpful tutorials. 

11. Lady WordPress 

Lady WordPress offers general advice for marketing and blogging, as well as sharing her expertise on using WordPress actually through tutorials and informational posts. 

12. Developer Drive 

Developer Drive is a bit more advanced in the content it provides than some of the other blogs, but for WordPress developers, it’s a valuable resource for the more complicated ins and outs of using the platform that developers can benefit from.

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13. BobWP 

Bob Dunn is a favorite WordPress teacher who offers WordPress training and coaching through his website. He also hosts a weekly podcast.
Through his blog, Bob shares useful tips on how to use WordPress and gives his view on great WordPress related issues.

14. WPShout 

WPShout focuses on in-depth WordPress tutorials for developers. In addition to posts and quick guides, they have more in depth courses for those prepared to go a bit deeper.

15. WP Mayor  

If you’re looking for the hottest and latest WordPress news, articles, hacks and plugin reviews just to mention a few, you want to add WP Mayor to your reading list. Like right now.

WP Mayor is maintained by Mr. and Mrs. Jean Galea with the help of Mark Zahra, who happens to be Galea’s cousin. This family business features a couple of contributors from all walks of life, giving the content a global (multi-cultural) feel. 

16. Elegant Themes 

Elegant Themes provides themes and plug-ins to WordPress users, so it makes sense that their blog focuses on topics relevant to the site. They collect examples of people using WordPress well for inspiration, provide advice for doing different things with your WordPress site, and provide general tips for running a website successfully.

WordPress is one of the most valuable tools in the online world and those who learn how to use it well can go really far with it. Give these sites a look to learn the different ways you can start to get more out of your WordPress blog.

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