16 Best Blogging Apps for iPhone & iPad 2017

The list of the Best Blogging Apps for iPhone & iPad is here. In this list, you can see 16 best blogging apps. If you are are a blogger ...

The list of the Best Blogging Apps for iPhone & iPad is here. In this list, you can see 16 best blogging apps. If you are are a blogger and own iOS device(s), this article for you. You can see here 16 best iOS apps that are most useful for a blogger. Now see the best iOS blogging apps-

16 Best Blogging Apps for iPhone & iPad 2017

1. WordPress

Probably the most popular blogging site for the tech industry is WordPress. This official app makes it possible for you to manage your posts on the go. You can create and edit posts and pages, upload pictures and videos, moderate comments, and view your website’s stats. When you are finished polishing your daily masterpiece, you can publish it right on your iPhone. You can also keep track of blogs you follow in your personal feed. Find new WordPress users to follow and keep track of their posts, as well. This app is available for free.

2. Flipboard for iPad

When it comes to reading apps, Flipboard and Zite are my favorite feed readers for iPad. It really is a perfect app if you are planning to use your iPad to keep track of the latest news.

You can integrate Flipboard with your Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and custom searches. The magazine-style look makes your reading experience comfortable.

3. PressSync Pro - for WordPress ( iPhone + iPad)   

If you have a WordPress blog(s), this app should be helpful for you. This is an unofficial WordPress app that can be used to manage multiple WordPress.com and Wordpress.org blogs easily from your iPad or iPhone. PressSync Pro has some useful features, such as- image tag editing, categories and tag management and more. With this app, you can upload photos to your blogs without losing EXIF information, and if you want to protect your privacy, you can remove geotags from your photos.

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4. Blog with iBlogger

It is a superb blogging application, which is not free but costs only $10 to users and that is quietly affordable. It supports platforms, i.e. WordPress, Blogger, ExpressionEngine, TypePad, and lots more. Typically, it is known as a home based blogging application, which is entirely designed especially for SEO experts and daily blog writers.

5. BlogPress

It is easy to use the app and offers bloggers almost everything they need. They can upload files, videos, images, anchor texts, hyperlinks, etc. using this app. Besides this, many other features are also provided to the users by this superb application. It is available on both iPad and iPhone devices. The platforms BlogPress supports include Blogger, MSN Live Space, WordPress, and much more. It is paid for bloggers and costs $3 only.

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6. Tumblr ( iPhone + iPad ) 

This is the official app of the Tumblr. Tumblr is one of the most widely used free blogging platforms in the world. If you've Tumblr blog(s), download this app. Tumblr's official app is available on the App Store for free. This app has all the features that help you to manage your Tumblr blogs, and this app has a very easy to use user-interface, so you can easily blog from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With this app, you can posts text/pictures/video/links, see and reply to messages, save drafts, queue posts and more. This app also lets you post, like, reply and reblog when you're offline.

7. Squarespace Blog

Squarespace is a lesser-known, but incredibly beautiful web-building platform that allows users to craft elegant websites. This official app gives you complete access to editing and managing your Squarespace content from multiple accounts. You can create and edit posts using the company’s Layout Engine, add photos, format text, and create links while on the go. Keep track of comments and reply to readers with little effort. You can even mark a comment as spam “with a flick of your finger.” Instead of logging in and out of different pages, this app allows you to toggle between websites seamlessly. This app is available for free.

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8. Blogo Blog Editor App for iOS 9.0 Devices

Suitable for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 9.0 and above, the Blogo blog editor gives you all the tools you need to create amazing blogs. The Pro version works with WordPress and other blogging software. You can list, edit and update existing or new posts, pages or drafts. Plus a lot more.
The Pro version allows you work with multiple blogs simultaneously. The Free version is packed full of features, but if you want more than the Pro version costs $2.99/month.

9. Buffer Tool 

Schedule Posts for Twitter & Instagram ( iPhone + iPad ) - This is not a blogging app, but handy app for bloggers who have iOS devices. If you want to automate and manage your blog post sharing tasks from your iPhone, iPad or even from your Apple Watch, you should use Buffer official app on your iOS and watchOS devices. With this app, you can use Buffer's features on the go and automate your blog post sharing on most popular social networking site including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can connect up to 4 social networking accounts for free.

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10. Weebly Mobile 

Weebly is a well-known simple website creation tool. You can download the app free from iStore. Weebly mobile enables to you blog log and edits your blogs directly from your iPhone or iPad. You can use photos you have just taken on your iPhone and immediately publish them on your blog.

It allows almost instantaneous publication of anything you have on your iPhone or iPad. The only issue is that, like any other free application, it can fold at any time. You will also have the Weebly advert on your site. If you want to pay for no Weebly ads, more storage, and functionality, fees for begin at $14/month – or $96 for one year in advance.

11. Posts 

Whether you use Blogger or WordPress, or even both, this iPad app helps you create and publish great content from anywhere. If you manage multiple blogs, you’ll have easy access to all of them and be able to check on everything at a glance. Browse your content by date by checking the built-in calendar. Create, edit, and publish content, including image layout and video uploads. Receive notifications when someone comments and then write and respond from within the app. Work offline, including creating and editing new and previously published posts. All work will be saved in the “outbox” and published when you are back online. This app is available on the iPad for free.

12. BlogTouch Pro (for Blogspot Blogger) for iPhone

BlogTouch Pro is a powerful Blogger/Blogspot editor for Apple products. It can be downloaded for just $4.99 from iTunes/iStore. This blogging app can be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac! Blog Touch devices. It makes blogging easier for you by helping you manage multiple blogs – publish, edit and delete comments, post, and pages.

BlogTouchPro enables you to blog directly from your phone when on the go. Have you ever come across something you must share with others – now!! Well, you can do it with BlogTouchPro – just start typing wherever you are. On foot, in a train or even in your home – fire up BlogTouchPro and get it down and online in almost no time at all! Text, pictures or just your thoughts!

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13. HootSuite

In recent years, blogging has taken on a whole new meaning. Many people consider posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, to be part of the “micro-blogging” world. If you are a mini content creator, HootSuite is a great way to manage your various social networking sites. The app gives you access to an account, giving you control over when and how you share content. Create and schedule publication to various sites over different dates and times. Keep track of messages, “likes” and comments. Plus, you can monitor and track click-through stats from wherever you are. In iOS 8, use app extensions to share content from any app.

14. SEO Tool (iPhone & iPad)

If you want to analyze your site’s search engine ranking on the main search engines, this great app can help you to check your site’s position on major search engines. This app comes with some useful and essential SEO tools.

15. Evernote

Evernote usually sits at the top of the list for any serious note-taker, and for a good reason.
As one of the first “online notebooks,” Evernote lives up to its promise to help you “remember everything.” It is also available online, as a desktop app (Mac and Windows) and as a mobile app (both iOS and Android) so you can jot down ideas wherever inspiration strikes.

What makes this particularly useful for us bloggers is the search functionality. You can make an unlimited number of notebooks and quickly search through them.
Best of all, it is free to use, although you would need to upgrade to the paid plan to unlock more features.

Price: Freemium
Platform: Online, mobile, and desktop (Windows and Mac)

16. Drafts (iOS only)

What if you just want to quickly take notes without scrolling through half a dozen menus and buttons? This is where Drafts comes in.
Drafts were designed from scratch as a “write-first, organize-later” type app. Everytime you open the app, you get a blank page so you can jot down your inspiration right away. This design choice fits the writers’ workflow correctly.

But there’s more: once you’ve got your notes down, you can use one of the many pre-built ‘actions’ to get more from your notes.
For example, you can automatically send the note contents straight into your Dropbox.

Think of it as a built-in IFTTT for your notes. You can see a list of actions here.
The only downside? It’s only available on iOS (iPhone, iPad and yes, even Apple Watch).

Price: $5.99
Platform: iOS

Have I missed to include any of your favorite blogging apps? I would love to know that in the comments.

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