6 Work at Home Virtual Assisting Jobs For Beginners

Would you like to become a virtual assistant but don't know where to start? Want to make money online as a virtual assistant remote work...

Would you like to become a virtual assistant but don't know where to start? Want to make money online as a virtual assistant remote worker? No worries, we will lead you to get paid by working from home using your laptop or smartphone and the Internet connection. 

Many of you are highly skilled in some specific work but still not ready to start a business, also can earn a living from work at home. It's not tough to get paid, but you have to know how and where to grab those works. Today's post is for them who wants to start a Virtual Assistant business or want to make money from home. 

6 Work at Home Virtual Assisting Jobs For Beginners

Remember you are always behind the world, and there is a lot to learn. Becoming a VA can teach you some valuable lesson which will make you sense how this business works while you will still get paid. If you are reading this, you might look for income source or work at home opportunities. This is why I'm thinking to give you a short list of website that hires a virtual assistant from entry level to expert level. SO you can earn money if you don't have skills before, but it doesn't mean you will earn a lot. Your earning amount depends on your skill level. Everyone knows we set a salary based on employee's merits. 

It's a good idea to have past working experience, but if you don't have still, you are good to start. Some basic knowledge for a Virtual Assistant is must have, such as Google's tools, Microsoft Office, typing, etc. If this is your first time application as a VA, you are more than a welcome to join the world of freedom of work. 

Just heard about virtual assistant jobs? Wondering what it is and how it works? You should read this article before you join any site enlisted below. 

5 Virtual Assisting Companies For Newbies

1. Fancy Hands

This is task-based Virtual Assistant work. Once they approve your application, you can login to the site with your account credential. You can search new tasks at any time you want. You will find various type of works from research to appointment settings. Pick the one, what best suits you. You should make your decision quick because there are a lot of workers on Fancy Hands always looking for new tasks. 
Want to work on Fancy Hands? If you do, please let us know your experience on this site. 

2. 99 Dollar Social

I don't know how regularly this website hires, but according to their job description page, VA worker doesn't require any virtual assisting experience. It's a great advantage for the beginner. The 99DollarSocial prefer to hire individuals who know navigating and updating social media. So, if you work with this company, you will have to do to update and manage your client's social accounts. Sounds cool, right? Give a try with 99 Dollar Social.

3. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces. If you ever work as a freelancer, you should know this giant name. There are thousands of category to join including a virtual assistant. Upwork is free to join as a worker. Upwork takes a 10% cut of your earning amounts. If you can start with this site, probably you will learn the best skills to fill up your portfolio. 
Try your luck on Upwork.

4. TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit hire local peoples to work with them. Localizing is one kind of specialty for them. However recently they changed their marketing approach and started growing their business around the world. So, now, they are offering individuals to join from around the globe. If you are looking for your first remote working job, this is a great place to kick start. This website is perfect for virtuals assistant jobs. However, you need to declare that you are over 21 to apply and get approval by TaskRabbit. 
Start your VA career with TaskRabbit

5. Vicky Virtual

Another big name for virtual assistant jobs seeker, Vicky Virtual is hiring work at home Virtual Assistants in a regular basis. There are many tasks to do for their clients. If you prefer to work on smartphones, then this place is perfect for you. Vicky Virtual is mainly doing phone based works. They don't ask for experience to get started earning. With this website, you can easily earn hundreds of dollar each month. 
Try Vicky Virtual now. 

6. Worldwide101

Another well-known company where Virtual Assistant's work for. You can apply more than one task. You get the higher chance to get approval here because they try not to reject their applicant. You should become a fast learner to stay in focus and earn larger amounts. Most of their jobs are internet and technology related. 
Try Worldwide101 now. 

Did I miss any great site that hires virtual assistants at entry level? Do you know other big names that worked for you? Kindly let us know so other people may get it helpful. 

If you are thinking to start your own online business, I'll walk through you. CLICK HERE to begin the journey to becoming a BOSS. 

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