VigLink Review: Make Money with Non-Monetized Links

VigLink is a great  affiliate marketing tool for  bloggers and online publishers to earn more money in less time. It's CPC, CPA based in...

VigLink is a great affiliate marketing tool for bloggers and online publishers to earn more money in less time. It's CPC, CPA based in-text advertising network offers to monetize websites for free. Here is my VigLink Review in plain English.

VigLink Review:

A great option to monetize your blog and earn money is using in-text advertising along with other website monetization methods. The in-text advertising market is very competitive, I have great experiences with Infolinks, and as a blogger, I always try to discover new great ad networks

Many website advertising networks offer in-text ads, but VigLink is entirely different and good while Infolinks still remains in the #1 position

I'm doing some experiment with VigLink by putting its ads on one of my blogs and analyzing data whether it's worth its promise to earn money for bloggers. 

Before we go ahead with this VigLink review based on my own experience, let me tell some old sayings about affiliate marketing for new readers, because I think many new bloggers will discover and come to this page with a hope to learn to earn money with blog and affiliate marketing programs.
VigLink Review: Make Money with Non-Monetized Links
  Here in OnlineLivingBlog or our any other blogs, in affiliate marketing we recommend products to purchase as their needs. Like all other affiliate marketers, we provide a unique URL to purchase for each product. If anyone decides to purchase a product and make this shop through our referral link, we get a small commission. The amount of revenue our blog generates from affiliate sales is ten times more than AdSense earning. 

To learn the ABCD of affiliate marketing, I recommend you to read this post by Neil Patel who is a great successful affiliate marketer. If you are earning a little or just set up your mind to start, here are top ways to earn with Amazon affiliate marketing. 

How VigLink work and How you can make money

VigLink simply detects web pages outbound link and convert it into affiliate links to a product page, upon making a purchase the owner of the referral website get paid a commission. The amount of earning depends on product price and sales share. 

VigLink – blog monetization made easier with affiliates:

VigLink is an excellent way to monetize your blog. Unlike other ad networks, it works in some cool and unique ways. VigLink converts the normal outgoing links into affiliate links. If any user purchase through your link, you will earn a commission from it. You don't have to worry about registering different accounts for different networks. You VigLink account will take care everything you need and will keep track records for analysis report. 

Let me make you more clear with an example: If you use VigLink on a technology blog and you publish a post about iPhone 8 or latest iPhone apps and link to Apple Store ( will convert the links into affiliate links automatically. VigLink only converts outbound links, so won't lose your internal links. 

Typically, you never can earn money by putting links like or So isn't it great if you get that extra revenue by doing nothing? VigLink offers you to boost blog income by doing so. 

VigLink is SEO-friendly because they use Javascript. You can put Viglink and AdSense ad together. This will help you to increase blog income. 

Does VigLink change your existing affiliate links?

This is a significant thing to know that VigLink does not alter your affiliate links. Instead, it converts your normal outbound link into affiliate links to grow your blog revenue. If you want to start earning now, use my link to join so that I'll get a small commission which nothing costs you. 

Setting up VigLink account and starting to making money is simple and it takes less than five minutes to get started. You need to put a simple Javascript code into your website source. Rest of the thing will be taken care by Viglink.

Let’s take a look at VigLink ad network pros:

VigLink Pros:

  • VigLink is SEO friendly
  • One of the smartest ways to make money from blogs.
  • Hassle-free set-up
  • Official WordPress plugins
  • Seamless payment options including ACH, Paypal, Wire transfer. 
  • Full control of linking. 
  • Maximum opportunity to earn comparing with other in-text ads.
  • Supports multiple platforms (website, blogs, forums)
  • Comply with AdSense program policies

VigLink Cons: 

Nothing major to note here! 

If you are a blogger and using Infolinks to earn, you should try this in-text ad network to monetize your blogs. You can use VigLink ads with other in-text ad networks because VigLink only uses your outbound links. But I would not recommend this option as the site might get slow and a lower user experience regarding navigation and speed. And we all know website speed, and user experience is primary metrics for search engine ranking. 

I tried my best to make you a sense of earning money with blog and VigLink, and hopefully, this VigLink review will help you to get started. But, still, AdSense is the most popular way to monetize blog while there are dozens of great alternative ways to advertise on a blog. 

Who and Why you should monetize blogs with VigLink?

Viglink sound like affiliate marketer dreams. Bloggers who are struggling to get affiliate sale should join in this program. VigLink is perfect to join for bloggers who get rejected from other ad networks. Among all, Amazon Associate program is best, but they are strict, and more than 80% marketers get banned after their first sale. Another great network is ShareASale, but it's tough to get approved. So VigLink should be your first choice because they work with big networks like Amazon, ShareASale, Commission Junction, eBay and more.

Disclaimer: I don't write product or service reviews often, I do this when I find any product and service handy to me and/or I think that service would be helpful to my readers. Sometimes I publish paid reviews, but for writing this VigLink reviews, I don't get paid. I write this to post my honest opinion and yes, if anyone creates an account through my referral link, I will earn a little commission from VigLink. 

I'd appreciate your comments below with feedback, your experience with VigLink or any other affiliate network. What do you think, is VigLink can you earn lots of money? 

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A great option to monetize your blog and earn money is using in-text advertising along with other website monetization methods

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