How I Made $14,910 in Less than 20 Days with RevenueHits

Are you looking for increasing website earning? You have good traffic but not making enough money? Monetize your site with RevenueHits and e...

Are you looking for increasing website earning? You have good traffic but not making enough money? Monetize your site with RevenueHits and earn highest CPM, CPC rate. 

Do you know what the best alternatives to AdSense are? I'm sure some publisher network name popped up into your mind. Did you consider RevenueHits as one of the best AdSense alternatives? If not yet, then it's time to join this advertising network to boost your earning.

I worked with many advertising networks to monetize my blogs, and I notice that few networks are really impressive. RevenueHits helping me to earn good amount of money from my blogs. It's one of my main earning sources. I consider them as the best alternatives to AdSense. 

make-money-blogging: monetize a blog - How I Made $14,910 in Less than 20 Days with RevenueHits

How I make Money with RevenueHits and my Blog?

I created a publisher account on RevenueHits network. I used another blogger's referral link to earn, it helps both to generate some extra revenue. 

After successful creation of my account, I create some ad units to show ads on my website. RevenueHits has different types of the ad unit. You can use best one by choosing for your blog. It's great to do some experiment, which ad unit is great for your audience. Personally, I love to test if I can make more money with same amounts of traffic. 

My key to making money blogging with RevenueHits?

  • Doing A/B test for finding best ad unit.
  • Try all ad units at least once and optimize it.
  • Understanding how RevenueHits performs for me.
  • Keeping in mind about user experiences, I don't use over ads on a single page. 
  • I found the best ad unit for my site and traffic.

My RevenueHits Statistics and Earning Proofs ($14,910)

I'll share my traffic stats to give you a clear idea about how you can make money with your blog and RevenueHits. I'll show revenue proofs and everything you need to know to boost your blog income.

Traffic Between 11th-14th June 2016

It's good. I have a good amount of traffic. I must mention here that the traffic you are seeing is only a part of my blogs traffics. 

On that day, I put ad code on my site. Now the time for waiting for the next day. The following day I observe RevenueHts income reports. (RV updates their reports at 5 PM GMT, daily.)

RevenueHts day 1 traffic and income reports came in, and it's shocking!\ I didn't expect this. It was a huge learning for a day with a blog. (Remember it was the only method I used to monetize my blog).

12th June Stats – $809.78

So, the fist day my blog generate $809 in revenue. 

Reports in summary:

  • Average eCPM $1.03
  • Top Geo Norway
Norway was my top Geo while the USA generate 3.95 dollars (eCPM)

I have tried many ad networks on my blog. But RevenueHits performance was just amazing. Hassle-free setup and payment process. Which no other network bring me such easiest method. 

You can use CPA, CPM, CPI type ads, whatever you like to use. But it's wise to test all type of ad to know the best performance. 

I was waiting for nex day income report. I got the second-day result. Both traffic and money increased on this day. 

So my blog earned $1,422 on the second day.

I made some simple optimization change and waiting for next day income report. The third day my blog earned me $1029 with a $1.47 eCPM rate.

Now I have set up my mind to continue work with RevenueHits for generating revenue with my blogs. Now I can recommend you, and my friends to use this network to earn money with blogs.

I worked with four ad network at the same time, but none of these succeed like RevenueHits. In total three of them earned me around $500. So I think revenueHits is perfect to use on my site. 

RevenueHits pays usually on 25th to 28th date. But with an account manager's help, you can receive it in the first week of your payment month. I prefer to use Payoneer as my payment method, which is faster and effortless. If you want you can use PayPal too. 

Now the next month, ReveneuHits continues to earn me money with a big smile. It's popup ads really work well to convert a visitor to cash. 

Revenue Hits Popups Statistics

RevenueHits Pop-ups stats: Avg eCPM $2.41

RevenueHits Pop-ups GEO sorted eCPM, USA – $7.89

So you can rely on this ad format to improve earnings. You can convert your blog to a money making tool by monetizing with this great network. In the second month, I earned the bigger amount from pop-ups in only ten days. Can you guess the amount? It was around $2429.

In total I made:

roughly $9,889.24 + $5,021.33 = $14,910.57

And they paid me on time! So after all this happen, I can give RevenueHits a thumbs up. 

Income results depend on many parameters, like niche, traffic, GEO, etc. Now I'm using RevenueHits more than two years. And I highly recommend you to Join RevenueHits right now.

You want to join, how do you start?

If you are considering to join in the RevenueHits publisher program, don't forget to use my referral link. If you use this link, you will earn a 10% extra for all your revenue. Also, if you contact me, I can personally help you how you can contact a customer manager to get payment faster. 

make money online blogging How I Made $14,910 in Less than 20 Days with RevenueHits
I wish you greater success in blogging life. Share this story on social media. Cheers!

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