Review for Publishers: Yahoo! Bing Ad Network as Best AdSense Alternative

Display advertising is most used methods to earn money with blogs or websites. Regardless of your expertise in blogging, this is a first op...

Display advertising is most used methods to earn money with blogs or websites. Regardless of your expertise in blogging, this is a first option that any blogger can make money with a little effort. Google AdSense is popular ad network when it comes to monetizing a blog with display advertising. However, there are many good alternatives to AdSense yet to try. One of the major AdSense alternatives is Review for Publishers: Yahoo! Bing Ad Network as Best AdSense Alternative
The simplest and quickest way to show ads on your blog is using ads. offers PPC advertisement, and they serve more related and high-quality ads. You will earn when someone clicks on those ads.

How much can I earn with

Earning with depends on many factors. It depends on the niche you are their ads. Getting revenue varies on geographical traffic. If you have traffic from USA, CA, UK then you have a good chance to earn big amount. Also, don’t forget it is PPC advertising network, so your earning depends on how many clicks you are getting.
Regardless of your blog size and traffic, you can earn money blogging by monetizing with

What is is a contextual ad network powered by Yahoo! Bing network. Since they arrived in advertising markets, they have established their reputation and growing business value with a high pace. reviews are mostly positive and mostly written by trusted blogger. The current network platform based on invitation.

Who can join to

Any advertiser and publisher can join to However to join the network you need to send a request for your interest. You can not sign up directly. To make an application for joining visit site. Your dedicated account manager from will contact and assist you in increasing making money. features and program information: serves ads based on the context of your web pages. To say it more clearly, If you have a blog about “health” or “health benefits” then viewers will see medicine related ads.
Another good example, imagine you have a blog about your cat. You monetized your blog with ads. Now your reader will see “pet” related ads.

Contextual ads perform better than other direct ads. This is the reason behind Google AdSense success and popularity.

Yahoo! Bing ad network serves high paying relevant quality ads, and that pays through In other words, powered by Yahoo! Bing network. works with small bloggers to large companies who publish high-quality content. Anyone who has a little blog but produces quality content and gets targeted traffic can get an approved account.

Here are some most notable features of ad network:

  • Contextual ads: As I said above, serves high-quality ads based on the context of a web page.
  • High revenue: ads quality are excellent. They have many optimization techniques to help publishers. A publisher can earn big amount of money using this ad network.
  • Mobile friendly ads: Over 60% users surf the internet through mobile devices. So it is critical to monetizing on mobile platforms. hat this feature. You don’t need to put any extra code to show ads on mobile devices. The same code can work for both on desktop and mobile device. This is beneficial for bloggers.
  • Dedicated account manager: offers it customers to have a dedicated account manager. After getting approval from, you will get an email from your personal account manager. He will help you to optimize and maximize your earning with
The manager will assist you almost anything about, and the best thing is they are very friendly. Personally, I love this service because they are very friendly. Time to time they will monitor your account and income, most possibly they will support you to increase earning.
  • Dashboard: The reporting dashboard is neat and clean. Easy to navigate and understand. The dashboard shows real-time traffic and previous seven days income report. You can get more information manually changing dates, site, ad zone, etc.
  • Unlimited websites on one Account: Once you have an approved account, you can use it for unlimited sites. However, the site should be approved manually to show live ads. Why needs approval for all site? This is to protect spammy users and to give better quality service to advertisers.
  • Multiple ad units: Publishers can create as many ad units as they need.
  • Various ad size: has many ad sizes. You should set up and test all ad size to know which one is better for your site. Once you create an ad, you can edit it anytime by going ad settings page. 



How to get started with

Currently, is an invitation based ad network, and its parent company is Yahoo! Bing ad network. Anyone can apply for an invitation. With one account you can monetize multiple sites.

How to create publisher account?

  1. Go to home page.
  2. Put your website URL, and a valid email.
  3. Send a request.
After this, one representative will take care of your issue and will visit your site. If they think that your blog website is good for them, then they will send you an email with account credentials.

Upon approval, a personal account manager will help you to setup account, put ad code and maximize earnings. has its program policies to control ads quality. Before you apply, you should read their T&C.

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How to earn money with

Login to you approved account and check out the dashboard. Create new ad units and put it on your site. You can do this with WordPress plugin or Javascript, HTML code. It's very easy to set up and put ad codes. Use different ad units for different websites, so that you will be able to see your site performance. payment methods?

Currently, supports payment via wire transfer and Paypal. I prefer to use wire-transfer because it’s free and super simple. Ask your account manager for more options if you are unable to get money with these methods. payout threshold

The minimum payout threshold is $100. Your payment will be issued once your earning is equal or more than $100. follows Net-30 payment.

Tip to Earn More Money with Ads

It took me a more than 365 days to figure this out. ad designs blend with website templates and navigation menu. If you can place your ads on a proper layout, you can get a higher click through rate. ad network has only one downside. It is you won't generate any revenue from users first click. It pays you for the second click. When a user clicks on an ad, it takes him to a landing page. On that page, presents a huge list of ad links. If the user clicks one of these links, you get paid.

Ask your account manager to design the landing page looks like your site. So your chance of getting the second click will increase. This method really works and increase earning dramatically. You can use your logo on the landing page to make it more like your site.

best-adsense-alternatives-Media.Net: Yahoo! Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publishers
Overall, is the best alternatives to Google AdSense. I prefer to use instead of AdSense. I read many reviews on this network, all of them are positive and successful bloggers are recommending to use If you didn’t try it Create an Account through our link and earn an extra 10% revenue.

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