Affiliate Marketing SEO: How To Drive Traffic With Search Engine Marketing

By | 12.06.2017

When it comes to affiliate marketing, search engines are the most important tool to increase website traffic. You can lead more sales by driving massive organic traffic by practicing SEO. People who come from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, are more likely to shop things. Personal blog owners, small business to big companies needs to optimize their site to get a great result in digital marketing.


Keeping a good level of traffic on your web page is key to success with affiliate programs and is also one of the hardest parts to run. Here are some tips and ideas you should consider to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

Optimize your website for search engines

Optimize your website for search engines

If you want to make moneywith affiliate marketing, you should optimize your blog or website for search engines. SEO is the most cost-effective ways tobring trafficto your website. Most of the search engine use automatic programs, called “crawlers” to create an index that is used to determine which sites are most relevant depending on the search term (a search term is a keyword that searched by a user).
Web crawlers regularly visit websites, read the content of the page, and follow the links to other pages. Search engines keep historical data of search terms including locations for later use.

Affiliate marketing SEO is not different from the general use of this feature. If you want to be a successful web marketer, you must learn the basics SEO.

Here are some recommendations for website optimization for search engines:

Choose a good domain name for your site.

Choose a good domain name for your site

Your website URL should containspecific keywords. Because it generally gets better results than those that are random or excessively long. In addition to improving your position in search results, a specific URL with keywords will have more credibility. If possible choose a domain name related to your product or service. A short domain name is great to remember and easy to spell correctly. Need more help with choosing a name that makes a difference? Read tips onhow to choose the perfect domain namefor your business.

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Choose titles with keywords for your pages. 

Choose titles with keywords for your pages

The [TITLE] that appears in the header of your pages is frequently used by search engines. If you use “Home Page,” your company name, or something similar, remember this is not informative. By doing so, you lose the chance to improve CTR on search result as well as on social media. If you do this, you will miss the opportunity to bring a significant amount of targeted traffic. Why? The reason is, search engines give priority to [TITLE] to determine the relevance of a web page for specific search terms.

Add META tags to your website.

Add META tags to your website

Use the “Description” and “Keywords” properties of the META tags. META name =” “description” “content =” “[description “of your site]” is often used by search engines to determine the theme of your site. META name =” content “of “keywords” =” “[keyword “list]” is used less frequently by search engines, but it can also help improve the relevance of your site in these systems.
When writing the description and choosing the keywords, think about how your consumers will look for information about your site and choose specific terms toattract traffic. Avoid using the same set of keywords for each page of your site.

Content is important.

Content is important

Content is king. If you provide valuable information on your site, this will help you to generate more traffic through search engines.Publishing quality contents for better performance of a site is essential. It can be product information or blog. You should care about the layout of an article. Content length matters in Google search as well as other search engines. You should write at least 600 words, but it’s great to write more than thousands of words per article.

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Content should be easy to read and understand. You can use thisfree service to test readability score. Your story should have a score higher than 60% for better reading experience. While it’s not confirmed that Google use readability score as a search metric, but it’s wise to improve users experience.

If you use images inside your content, you should use “Alt tag” for each picture you insert. Try to include some keywords for crawlers. The web crawler can not read images, so you need to do this. Make sure you have the rights to use those images or find someroyalty free images here.

Use links

Google use link juice as a metric to determine web page ranking. Both inbound links and outbound links are important here. Include some internal links as appropriate in your article and try to include one or two external links as appropriate. But you shouldn’t use unnecessary links just to get or pass link juice.

Sites that include links to other sites are often considered to be more popular and often have a better position in the search ranking. However, quality is more important than quantity of these links. Also,the relationship between the content of the sites matters to Google. Here is a guide you should read tobuild quality backlinks.

Be patient.Be patient! There is no magic secret for your page to be in the top positions of the search results. The most important thing is to optimize your site over time to improve the position in the results.

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Using SEM

Using SEM

A good method to increase traffic to websites is the use of paid advertisements in search engines (SEM). Here are some recommendations:

Using SEM

Choose keywords that are directly related to your contents and the interests of your users. It is important to understand what information customers are looking for and to determine related keywords.
The most obvious keywords are often more expensive, but specific keywords can not be identified.As long as the words are related to the content of the site; these types of words can help youturn traffic into salesat a lower cost.

Review ROI

Review ROI

Most search engines allow you to group similar keywords and control your performance as a group or individually, and the affiliate program allows you to check the performance of your site. Use Google Webmaster tool to know visitors behavior and use affiliate dashboard to know users clicks and purchase performance.It is important to constantly monitor results to eliminate keywords that are not generating the expected results.

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