25+ Surefire Tools That Make You Successful in Digital Marketing

Equip you with a basic and advanced understanding of digital marketing strategies that will increase your business growth.  Hundreds of mark...

Equip you with a basic and advanced understanding of digital marketing strategies that will increase your business growth. Hundreds of marketing tools exist to help marketers to get more potential customers. But not all those tools are handy for beginners, so in this post, we will highlight the most useful, easy to use digital marketing tools that every marketer needs. 

Getting potential customers to your website costs money. Data analyzing, advertising, testing, everything cost you some money, but it's worth of that money. Thankfully, there are many tools which have both free and paid version. However, only a few tools are good and worth of time to use. 

Digital Marketing Marketing Tools 2017
  Most of the solo entrepreneur and blogger, do all the things alone related to digital marketing. If you are one of them, our goal is to help you discovering digital marketing tools for free or cheaper. But we promise those tools are worth using. 

So take a cup of coffee for yourself, sit back and have a look at the top 20 tools to overhaul your digital work life.

"Modern marketing isn’t just about funnels and conversions. Really, it’s all about the tools."

1. Leadpages 

One of the most well-known landing page creators is LeadPages. Many top bloggers are using this landing page software. They offer advanced content building tools. The starting plan is comparable in price to another landing page builder Unbounce. Leadpages has many great features like A/B testing, email list building. Leadpages has some unique features comparing with other page builders. The first major component is the template selection. 

Leadpages subscription plan starting at $17 and the most advanced plan price is $159 per month. (All the price is based on the time of writing this post).

 Start Your Free Trial on Leadpages.

2. Buffer 

It’s an awesome tool for scheduling social media posts. Buffer has simple analytics features to monitor your interaction on social shares. It also offers to manage multiple accounts. Buffer for Facebook lets you publish on your FB wall or on your fan page. Currently, Buffer offers for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn for free of cost. Also, you can use Pinterest and Instagram for a little cost. They call their premium version "Buffer Awesome Plan." 

Buffer allows you to re-post any post you already scheduled in any authorized social ID. Buffer's Google extension tool is extremely fast to share and create a new scheduled post to promote your contents. Not a Chrome user? Check out Buffer for Mozilla
Want to boost your social media reach? Try Buffer now

3. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule headline analyzer lets you improve your headline writing even better. It's a popular tool in the market. A headline has the major impact to get the attention of your potential readers. Optimized Headline improves CTR in search engines as well as social networks. Before you write a headline for your blog post, you should think twice. Is your headline eye catchy? Is it click-worthy? CoSchedule headline analyzer lets you do this for free. It improves your editorial writing skill. You can compare all your headline score and choose the best one. 
This tool is one of my best picks in last year, in fact, I decided this post title after researching with this tool. If you want to be a successful social marketer, try to keep your score at least 70. You can read about posting time with this tool on TechCrunch. 

Use CoSchedule for Free Now 

4. SEMrush: Keyword Research Tool 

SEMrush is an online based market research tool. Bloggers and marketers can analyze traffic stats and keywords statistics in search engines. SEMRush lets you know your website positioning on Google and Bing search. Also, you can know your competitors and their keywords with web position. This search marketing tool lets you analyze everything as an online marketer. You can get websites advertising, backlinks, toxic backlinks, close competitors data and much more within a few clicks. 
In the below box, just type your website URL or your desired keyword and click search (It's free). You will know how it works:

SEMRush can help you to know how difficult it will be to be on top for your targeted keywords, search volume, CPM rate and also the long tail keywords. So this is a must have tool for bloggers and search marketer. 

Promo offers only for our readers: SEMRush FREE trial for 14 days which is worth $149.95. Grab Now.

5. Grammarly

If you want to write better, without mistakes, then you should be using Grammarly. It's the #1 Grammer checker web application that allows you to improve writing anywhere on the web by checking spelling and grammatical issues. Also, it checks plagiarized content, so you never need to be worried about copyright issues. 
You can draft a clean copy of your article and master on Grammer. You can use it for free, but I'm sure you don't want to miss its premium version, which is far better than the free version and it worth of the price. Grammarly is perfect for students, professionals, learners, and experts. 

Create a free account and enjoy writing without mistakes. You can enjoy a week free premium version of Grammarly using my referral link. Go grab your offer

6. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a content discovery tool. It analyzes many topic and competitor by to inform you which content performs better. Just type a website URL and hit enter you will get all social share data, backlinks, shared identity and much more. Honestly, I like this tool to know which posts are viral from my website in a particular period. See a snap below for our blog in Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is a compelling content insight tool for digital marketers. By using this awesome tool, you will be able to master in social media. Try it.

Go to Buzzsumo site

7. Color picker

It's a great tool for landing page creator, advertise builder, visual designer and everyone who wants to pick a cool color from any other place on the web. 
It's awesome when building landing pages.

Get Color Picker 

8. Evernote

Evernote is a handy app to store your excellent ideas. The best thing is, you can sync all your data to any devices.
If you write a note to remember something, it will instantly be synced on all device you use. You can draft and edit with a mobile app, iPad, tablets, laptop, and desktop. It has share feature to work togeather with someone you want. I often use Evernote for my blog post drafting. 

Go to Evernote site

9. Visual.ly

Images are essential for social media marketing. A great image is worth of thousand words. Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest established based on image sharing. But is it only a picture? No! A picture that has some value to other peoples, a picture of a brand that makes sense of the brand. 

Visual.ly is an online platform that allows you to create awesome infographics, videos, and ebooks. If you are struggling with content marketing, then I recommend you to use Visual.ly for building a successful digital marketing strategy.

Go to Visual.ly.

10. Kissmetrics

One of the most popular web analytics and traffic intelligence tool. This tool helps you to understand customer behavior for increasing conversation. Kissmetrics allows you to understand what visitors are doing on your site. Kissmetrics suits better for them who have a stronger focus on KPIs.

Go to Kissmetrics

11. Medium

Medium is a great blogging platform and opportunity for writers. It's a social network based on writing and reading. This is the best place for reading your interest and learn. On medium, you are allowed to add as many links as you want in your post, but literarily, you should not spam it. Those links won't help your SEO, but if you can write a great article and convince readers to increase CTR, then you will get a massive amount of traffic to your website. 

Make sure you follow me.

12. Yoast SEO Plugin 

If you use WordPress for building your website, Yoast SEO plugin is a must have tool for you. This tool takes care of your site's contents by optimizing for search engines. Also, Its automatic system improves your on-page SEO.
Official site: Yoast.com

SEO made easier than every by WordPress SEO plugin Yoast.

13. Google Keyword Planner

AdWords Keyword Planner Tool allows you to find out what and how people search on Google. It's a free tool created and managed by Google. Before you write any content or create and advertisement, you should use this tool to get exact matching keywords for targeting the right audience. 

Here is the link to this free tool. 

14. Google Analytics

Do you need to invest for data analysis? No. In the basic terms, you should not invest when you have great tools for free to do this. Google Analytics offers everything you need to collect regarding your digital marketing effort. Kissmetrics blog published an article about what and how you can use this free analytic tool. 
There is a massive tutorial you will find, but this one from Moz is really ideal for beginners. 

15. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is very easy-to-use and effective tool for marketers.

Eventbrite features lets you create landing pages for events. It also offers you to set up payment gateway and ticketing. If you host a free event, Eventbrite is free for you. 

16. AWeber

AWeber is one of the best "brand" email marketing service providers. This one gets famous has some reason. AWeber offers tools for everyone, from individual to corporate business. It's easy to join and use. You can use it with WordPress sites. It has WP plugins. You can read this tutorial on WPBeginner if you need help to set up and use properly. 

Start building your email list and beat the maximum profit. 
Get a 30 day free trial with this link

AWeber offers a super fast customer service including live chat. 

17. Guestpost.com

Guest posting always had a good way to improve website authority and drive traffic. It helps to increase new audience. 
Guestpost.com a website that can help marketers to find blogs that will allow publishing as a guest author and maximize your posting efforts. Take advantage of guest blogging

18. Crazy Egg

Another great tool for marketers. CrazyEgg can help you to get the maximum of your Facebook ads. With this tool, you can analyze how far a visitor scroll down, where exactly the clicks and when they leave your blog. You can increase website revenue using this tool. 

Go to Crazy Egg.

19. Social Image Resizer Tool

A low-quality image can turn down your social media marketing efforts. Also, Twitter doesn't allow to show a full infographic which is very useful in Pinterest marketing. Same way, an image that fit for LinkedIn will not be looking good on Instagram. Each social media use different sizes of the picture for a better layout. So, you have to know which image size is for each of them. 
The Social Image Resizer Tool can do this for you. You can crop and size by selecting social media sites. 

20. Testing & Personalization Tool: SiteSpect

SiteSpect offers to test and optimize the entire digital experience. You can do this from the front-end look, but you will get the result like the back-end functionality.SiteSpect allows you to track the right metric that matters for your digital marketing strategy. SiteSpect’s is a potent tool to reduce your time and effort to analyze and take a decision. 

21. MailChimp

Mailchimp is a most popular email marketing tools with ten million active users. MailChimp features are same as like other email marketing tools. It allows to grow and manage email subscribers, sends them automated email, tracking results. 

MailChimp - Email marketing tool - grow and manage email subscribers, sends them automated email, tracking results.
MailChimp has WordPress plugin, so using it with WordPress website is easier than ever. 

22. SEO Crawler 

SEO Crawler an awesome tool for marketers. You can monitor site rankings and changes in SERP. Also, it allows checking onsite errors. SEO Crawler analyzes website backlinks and monitors brand competitors. 

23. aHrefs 

AHrefs is website and keywords analyzing tool. Its features are similar to SEMRush SEO tool. You can research on your niche market, your blog positions, etc. Also, it allows checking competitor's keywords rankings, backlinks, social media shares & more 

24. HitTail 

HitTail a keyword generating tool. It finds long tail keyword based on your current traffic. It's a dream tool for bloggers and marketers who need to improve search ranking and increase traffic, and revenue. 

Over To You

Are you guys ready to use these digital marketing tools? Create better content and maximize your audience reach by choosing the right tool for your business. 

OnlineLivingBlog gives you honest opinion and suggestions for making your life easier, and successful. 

Don't know how to use tools? Don’t worry. Look for tutorial or HELP in their official page. But first, you should experiment with all of them. You will learn soon. Also, there are huge useful tutorials for each of them waiting for you to learn. 

We love connecting with our readers. Feel free to shout out any opinion and suggestions. Let us learn something from you. Oh yes, did I miss any great tool to mention? Please put it in with your sweet comments, thank you.

Don't forget to share with the world on social media. 

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25+ Surefire Tools That Make You Successful in Digital Marketing

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