7 Amazing Online Photo Editors For Bloggers

A lot of desktop software has moved to the browser, and this trend doesn’t stop with photo editing software. Here are the 7 greatest online...

A lot of desktop software has moved to the browser, and this trend doesn’t stop with photo editing software. Here are the 7 greatest online photo editors that will rival your desktop software. Depending on the job that needs to be done some of the online editors are easier to use, quicker and/or more affordable.

7 Amazing Online Photo Editors


Fotor Online Photo Editor Screenshot

Powerful editing features and great usability

Fotor offers an excellent combination of compelling editing features and great usability. This means that excellent editing results can be achieved very quickly. Photos can be edited using a broad range of functionality including automatic enhancement algorithms, rendering of HDR pictures, layering and different brushes especially suitable for making portrait pictures better. The editor also comes with easy design functionality to quickly create social media profile and cover images from templates.


Polarr Online Photo Editor

Gets primary photo jobs done quickly

Polarr is easy to use online photo editor with all the basic photo editing functions like preset filters and adjustments of color, light, and curves. However, it lacks advanced features like layering and brushes which may not be something wrong if you are in need of an editor to only get some basic photo jobs done quickly. Polarr also has some brilliant useful features. Among those is a before and after image comparison: with one click you can see the original photo and your edited photo beside each other.


Pixlr Online Photo Editor

Online photo editor with advanced features

Pixlr is an advanced online photo editor with professional features like layering and brushes that even rivals the functionality of desktop editors. The complexity also comes with a little cost as Pixlr sometimes feels a bit slow performing operations like applying the smudge tool. If you need an editor that comes close to the feature set of desktop software Pixlr may be the right tool for you. However, if you’re just looking for an easy and quick way to enhance and design your social media profile pictures this editor is probably not for you.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Simple but powerful online editor with great usability

Adobe Photoshop Express comes with all necessary adjustment options, brushes, and effects for basic photo editing. It also offers some basic design features to add text, bubbles, and stickers. Overall it’s an excellent tool that is powerful but still easy to use.


PicMonkey Online Photo Editor

Edit and create pictures for social media

PicMonkey features all basic photo editing operations like filters, effects, and brushes. At the same time, it offers a range of design features like adding overlays, textures and whole themes. However, it lacks advanced photo editing features like masks and layering. If you need to do some necessary enhancements to a photo and then add some text and effects to share it on social media PicMonkey could be the right tool for the job.


BeFunky Online Photo Editor

Quick and easy photo editing

BeFunky comes with a good set of photo editing features like brushes and preset filters but also with some advanced features like layering. Also, texts, graphics, and overlays can be added to the photos to get them ready to be shared on social media. BeFunky is one of the easiest to use online photo editors.

GIMP online

GIMP online

Unchallenged feature set but hard to use

GIMP online is an online version of the famous open source photo editor GIMP. It is very similar to GIMP on the desktop, but it’s windows and widgets are displayed within a browser window using the rollApp platform. GIMP online shares the same functionality and feature set as the desktop original which makes it a very very powerful photo editing tool. Of all online photo editors, this is probably the most powerful. But it comes with some drawbacks. 
GIMP online inherited a somewhat complex user interface from its desktop version and new users may need to read a few tutorials to use the full potential of this editor. You also need to connect GIMP online with a cloud storage service like Dropbox to upload or download any files.

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