Why is it So Hard to Create Permanent Habits?

Motivation works great in forming a short term habit. Set a new goal and achieve it by practicing motivation. Actually, people are so depend...

Motivation works great in forming a short term habit. Set a new goal and achieve it by practicing motivation. Actually, people are so dependent on things that breaking the chain requires vicious patience and reminding them why they are trying.

People are used to with thing they see and regularly do. If you want to form a new habit, exercise the thing regularly. 

This article could well give you five tips to create a new habit, but who the hell follow the tips if real life is complicated? And five or 10 tips are not enough to change a reality that has been dragging over the years.

Why is it So Hard to Create Permanent Habits?
Aristotle says that "we are what we repeatedly do" and yes, but what happens when you want to add a new habit or change one that you already had. 
Humans, by nature, are constantly evolving because nothing is absolute and nothing lasts forever. Today, for example, I analyzed my list of things that I have to change, and I have not been anywhere near to modify a single one.

Every night I lie down thinking that the next day I will change something, but my comfort zone defies the force of my will. It is a quarrel, it is a constant feeling guilty for not achieving it, but just when I have to act, I am relieved, and I let myself win.

And then comes reproach, self-criticism, self-destruction and everything for what? In the end, the next day will repeat the same story, and one can not live crumbling every day for not fulfilling what he promises.

A few months ago I read on the internet that it takes 21 days to get a habit, and a little phrase, I want to get it out of the subconscious because it is inevitable not to stop counting the days you are progressing, and more when you can not even finish day one.

I feel in the process of detoxification, where my body screams and grudgingly to give you more of the bad routine, which is already used to it and does not want to change. And yes, I accept it, I'm a self-destructive addict.

But then why is it difficult to change habits? I read on the Discovery portal that they did a study in Southern California where they concluded that "not being able to change habits is not always related to lack of predisposition or interest, but has to do with reactions of the brain." Yes, the brain it is guilty.

What our brain does is that, by imposing a change in routine, it breaks down, and since it has no record of this new activity and does not associate objectives. What it does is to instruct us to repeat the previous behavior, and that's where we focus and let's fall does that make sense?

Wendy Wood, the lead researcher, claims that your brain takes between 15 and 254 days to associate the new learning. So relapse and re-start is part of the time when the new habit is formed. In the end, the brain is malleable, but time and patience must be the best allies.

After reading this I no longer feel so crumbling, my brain is storing, in some of its banks, the idea that I have to be a better person, but what is it to be a better person? Well, there goes my list of what I want to change.

1. Eat Better

I went to a nutritionist to do the study where they tell you how healthy your body is and then yes, I have fucked the engine. The percentage of fat in my body is greater than I have of water (all wrong).

In my own words: I keep my body thirsty and obese. Sometimes I wonder how it is that it gives so much of itself to fulfill my caprices of running so much if in the end I do not prize it or take care of it. Do you see why I think that eating better is a habit necessary to be a better person?

2. Stop Oversleeping

I seem to love the excesses, but this is the worst. I lose a lot of life because my eyes are closed. Says the nutritionist that is why I feed my body, so by the first point, sleeping less will be a consequence.

Decreasing my hours of rest, the equation is cleared and my problems of lack of time are solved. Thus it gives me the opportunity to continue chasing my dreams of truth, not those of Fantasy.

3. Run (although I already do)

Train under a plan and not as sanity dictates me because running a marathon is my short-term goal. For this, I need to root more my sports habit because this challenge implies, besides running, mental health and having the motor in good condition.

I've read so much of what you need to get ready for a marathon; Besides that my legs have to live up to the demands of the route, my patience and encouragement must be able to meet that challenge. There comes a moment where you question, and you want to give up the torture, and guess who orders the order... my brain!

And so ends my list. These 3 things will make me a better person, and believe me, changing my habits I totally compare it as an addiction. We are so dependent on things that breaking the chain requires vicious patience and reminding us why we are trying.

So, my best advice to make a habit is that: there are no steps to follow, everyone lives at his pace because in the end life is that: a constant trial and error. Do not give up and do not forget that we can always be better at everything we want, we have so much to do and to change.

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