How To Make Money On Instagram: 4 Ways You Can Earn Through Instagram

Instagrammers are making money online without effort. Just like Vloggers, Bloggers, every single snap they posting on Instagram are earning ...

Instagrammers are making money online without effort. Just like Vloggers, Bloggers, every single snap they posting on Instagram are earning cash for them. If you know how to do it, and follow the proper way, also you can become a money crusher on Instagram.

Many Instagram user making serious money by becoming a brand ambassador and affiliate marketer. Yes, all the stories about the Instagram money you hear are real and very true. 

How To Make Money On Instagram: 4 Ways You Can Earn Through Instagram

What it takes to earn money on Instagram? 

You must have a valid Instagram account and followers. Without fans, you are valueless to brands and market. Grow your followers and become a brand ambassador to earn money on Instagram. It only takes a few weeks to getting paid. 

How Many Followers Do You Need?

A common question I here every time I recommend someone to earn money on Instagram. It depends on your niche, followers activities. But you don't need to have a million followers to start making money. You are good to go with a thousand real followers. 

  • If you are choosing a niche similar to fashion, beauty, food, weight loss, then you have good chance to earn money quickly. Because these niches are most popular on Instagram. 
  • If you have 50K fans but no engagement then what is the value of your Instagram followers?
  • You need real followers with regular engagement. 
Still not sure what to do? Well, it's the perfect time to join and grow an audience on Instagram to earn some extra money. This will also make you famous on the Internet.
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How much money you can earn on Instagram?

Famous Instagram accounts are making thousands of a single post. With 5000 followers, this Instagrammer earned $2350 for each post. Isn't it amazing? Yes, you can be one of them. 

How to Make Money on Instagram

You can earn money on Instagram in many ways. It depends on your content, audience, the level of commitment and the brand you work with.

  • You can earn by posting sponsored post for the unique brand, who want to be available to your followers.
  • Become an affiliate marketer. Promote products on Instagram and earn a commission when someone buys products through your link.
  • Become a good photographer. 
So let’s start making money with the most common method of Instagram monetization: collaborating with brands as an influencer.

Work With Brands on Sponsored Posts

You need to become an influencer. An influencer is an individual who built an online reputation by online social activities; i.e. sharing excellent contents with the audience. Brands are looking for strong influencers to market their service and products. Expert influencers are trusted for developing brand authority. Many brands need help from influencer to get their product sell and doing it continuously. 
Brand are not only looking for your Instagram account followers and engagement but also the seek for you audience trust. 

What it takes to earn money on Instagram?
All kinds of brands are working with influencers as their marketing strategy. 

It's tough to maintain your earning as a brand influencer and integrity as a creator. You should not rely on Instagram income to stay sticky, transparent. You should give an honest review always, just damn care about the money. But if you really need to earn money for living, then you should be careful and follow Brand's instruction. 

You have full freedom to choose a brand for promoting on your account. Before you start working with brands, read their terms and payment conditions. Make sure you are eligible to get paid.

How to Decide What to Charge as an Influencer

Generally, influencer deals involve the creation of contents. An Instagram video or post and they will permit the brand to use the contents of Brand's own site or in an advertisement.

Most of these deals are negotiable. A deal can be only one post or a series of post as a campaign in exchange of money, a service, a free product, a gift, etc. 

What to remember when negotiating with a brand?

  • The brand will access your content.
  • You are offering your audience to the brand.
  • You are one of the popular social media influencers, and a brand is going to use your value on it.
  • Brands will get usage rights.
A survey of 5000 Instagram influencers found that 42% user charging $200 to $400 per post. You should know how to negotiate with brands to hold maximum value.

How to Find Brands to Work With

Brands will get you if you are a big Instagram influencer. But what if you are in beginners level of influence marketing? You should look for brands that may work with you. Think realistic, Apple Inc won't collaborate with a person who has 10K followers. 
You should try to reach brand by offering a small deal directly. Also, there is influence marketplace to list yourself. Be enlisted there and increase your value.

Instagram influencer marketplace list:

  • Shoutcart: You can sell a “shout out” on Instagram on behalf of a brand. Doesn't matter how much followers you have. 
  • Fohr Card: This website allows you to connect your Instagram account, YouTube Channel, Blog, and other social platforms. This will help you to create an influencer "card" for showing your different profiles with total reach. So brands will find you easily. Also, you can browse brands profile to see their requirements and market reach.
  • Grapevine: This website set a minimum follower requirements. You can be enlisted once you have more than 5000 followers. It's an excellent opportunity to get in touch with like-minded brands.
  • Crowd Tap: This service available only in the U.S. You can earn smart income by creating small content. It's ideal for less popular accounts.
  • indaHash: Get paid by posting on Instagram with specific hashtags. You must have 700 regular engaged followers. 
Sounds good hah? Join today and start earning on an Instagram account.

Add a #sponsored post hashtag for disclosure. This will help you to remain your audience trust. Making clear about a sponsored post does not affect consumer 


You can find sponsored post examples by searching with 
#sponsored hashtag. Check this post below:

@huntforstyles post about fashion and style. This account partner with Puma.

Become an Affiliate

When you become an affiliate marketer, you need to promote brand products for sale. It needs a little more hard work than an influencer. Generally, an affiliate has a unique referral link to track traffic details and sale history. Instagram only allows a link in profile bio. So you can not link back to a product from your Instagram posts. This is why you need to focus on making better image and videos to attract customers. 

There are many good affiliate program:

Consider joining an affiliate network to make money. Most big companies have an affiliate program. Below is a few site that allows you to earn money by selling other's products.

  • ClickBank: One of the biggest affiliate platform with a tier-based commission. It's free to join and open to everyone. Bets payment option is PayPal.
  • Amazon's Affiliate Program: The best choice that pays out a 10% commission. World largest market, tons of products, user-friendly and a customized online store for every affiliate. Best payment method is ACH bank deposits. (Get a free U.S Bank account with $25 Bonus and a Prepaid Debit Card).
  • RewardStyle: This network offers 20% commission. This platform is invitation-only. Anyone who posts content related to fashion and lifestyle may join in this network. 
Tip: Affiliate links looks ugly and terrible to remember. Use an URL shortener service like or to make URL short and eye catchy. Use your affiliate link in Instagram bio. 

Open Your Own Online Store

It is possible to make money online by setting up your own store. Yes, Instagram is a good place to get buyers. All kinds of creators can sell out their products. 
  • You can sell digital downloads on Instagram. eBook, Music, Tutorials, etc. 
  • Physical goods, crafts are another option to sell on Instagram.
  • Online services, freelance services can take a leading position.
  • Building brand awareness, growing audience and business authority is also a part of making money. 
You just need to invest some money and time to make money on Instagram. Be creative, be and entrepreneur and say hello to the world. Take your products in front of a worldwide audience.

One of the biggest Instagram dog-preneurs, Doug the Pug got success in the business. 

Ideas to sell online on Instagram
Very inspiring, isn't it?

If you sell you own goods, you got the freedom to customize its message and style. You don't need to add any disclosure. If you open an online store, you can build your brand at the same time. 
You followers will support you bu purchasing products from your store. 

Ideas to sell online on Instagram

  • Print customized design on t-shirt, coffee mugs, pillows, wall art and more. Now post original photos on your Instagram feed. 
  • Become a photography consultant. Ask your audience for asking help through email or give them a link to visit your blog.
  • Create digital courses, write eBooks and offer it on Instagram.
  • Offer web design and sell pre-made templates and plugins. 
  • Promote your Etsy shop on your Instagram feed.
  • Sell paper print books. 
Think yourself to get more creative business ideas to make money on Instagram.

Sell Your Photos Online or On Things

Many people get famous by posting 140-charecter jokes on Twitter, Many people get famous by posting creative, heart touching story on Facebook, but how do you get famous on Instagram?
The core of Instagram is sharing photos. If you can take pictures of people, nature, animal, even your own can sell all your images. Photos are assets that can earn a lot of money by selling its licensed and printed copy. There are many ways to sell photos online, stock photos are most popular. 

How to make money off your Instagram photos?

If you love to capture photography, then this passion can bring you extra money on Instagram. You can sell print copies of photos with your online shop. 
You can print photos on phone cases, posters and so on. Visit Teelaunch & Printful or find some similar sites to meet your needs. 
Just think about how can you sell, promote photos on Instagram feed regularly. Be creative when taking a snap.
Need to make your photography list? Use 500px.

According to ForbesDaniel Arnold a photographer made a decision to hold a one-day sale his photos on Instagram. Amazingly he earned 15K in a single day. Also, he got 22k New follower on the day. 
Make an initiative offer for your audience, you will earn a lot more than you think. So, what are you waiting for? Start to make money off Instagram photos.

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You hobby to make people laugh, taking silly photos with your pet or sharing pictures of your breakfast can snowball into the chance of turning Instagram accounts into a money making machine. This can become your primary source of income.

Having a large audience on social media is beneficial. If you are not earning money, go for it. Jump into your Instagram and other social networks and build your loyal audience. 
Stand out in the crowd, become everyone's inspiration.

How To Make Money On Instagram: 4 Ways You Can Earn Through Instagram
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