5 Ways You Can Create Link Building Into Your Daily Routine

By | 25.05.2017

More authority links mean more positive signal to search engine like Google. Having active backlinks increase the chance to be on the first page of SERP. 

Undoubtedly, SEO strategies for 2017, link building is the most overwhelming tactic. While the content is still conquering and social media signals are also necessary. If you want to reach success for your SEO strategies you should have a solid link building strategy.

5 Ways You Can Create Link Building Into Your Daily Routine

Getting ranking on the first page of Google/Bing doesn’t happen overnight. Content and links are the main two things that Google valued when they calculate a web page to show in a search result. The creative part of writing & creating an article is often consuming enough without the added steps to promote your story.
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This post is written with in mind of your busy schedule and to streamline the backlink building process as much as possible. (Let’s try)

Have a process

Ryan Stewart of Webris talks about this at length. He documents every step of the backlink building process at the beginning and then trims it down to the critical parts to reduce redundancy.

This may include things as simple as changing the Google’s search settings to:

  • Past year
  • Including keywords relevant to your industry.

If you want to save time: And have it bookmarked, so you shave off seconds every day which will amount to hours and days in the long run.
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Reach out to 10 people a day

Get into the habit of e-mailing random strangers with something of value for them. It really works.
For example, if you recently wrote a piece on “content marketing mistakes,” search and for people who have shared such similar content and tell them that you have made something similar and ask if they would like to take a look.
Once they say yes, proceed to tell them that it would make your year if they share it as well.

Get interviewed on other peoples’ podcast

Podcasters are usually looking for guests to interview, especially if they provide great value to their listeners.
Approach podcasters who are building their following and pitch to them that you would love to be on their podcasts and what are your strong suits and what you can talk about.
The more people know you, the easier it is for them to link back to you.

Broken link building

One of the methods I recommend is the Moving Man Method by Backlinko.
In short, the method comprises of 3 steps:

  1. Find sites or resources that have changed names, shut down, or moved. (An example Brian uses is Borders. Since they were a massive book chain in the U.S. that closed down, there were a lot of links pointing to them that ended up broken.)
  2. Find sites linking to the old page.
  3. Give them a heads up about their outdated link.

Link roundups

This method only requires you to make a link roundup of the best articles you read in your industry in the past week.

After this, you can pitch it to other notable sites stating you have drawn up a list that they can consider for their weekly roundup. You include your own inside in the roundup and be honest about it.

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Five tips to start link building without effort

In conclusion, the 5 ways you can build link building into your daily routine are:

  1. Have a process
  2. Reach out to 10 people a day
  3. Get interviewed on other people’s podcast
  4. Broken link building
  5. Link roundups.

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