How To Improve Your Website Position Through Social Media

By | 22.05.2017

The Social Media has seen an explosion in the last couple of years, and the truth is that it has become important even for web positioning.

We all remember the now old platforms we once had: MSN Messenger, Myspace, and Friendster. But Social Media has been transformed from its humble beginnings and now with the most powerful tools marketers use to push products and ideas to large markets.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become an integral part of any marketing plan. Even they are the most efficient ways for a brand to create an audience.

How To Improve Your Website Position Through Social Media

Contrary to popular belief, Social Media strategies do not have a direct effect on the SEO and ranking of the brand’s web page. However, Social Media SEO and marketing share a lot of common ground. Both are inbound strategies that focus on attracting consumers to your brand. More importantly, both have organic aspects based on the natural attraction with quality content.

The relationship between SEO and Social Media is more like a two-way street: good SEO will help increase your presence in Social Networks, and a good Social strategy will improve your web positioning.

Use Social Media To Impact Your Website Positioning

Just because Social Media is not a parameter that Google uses for the ranking of web pages, does not mean that you should ignore it as part of your web positioning strategy. Below are some of the ways you can use Social Media to impact the SEO of your brand’s website:

The nature of social media gives your brand the opportunity to distribute content to a large number of users with just one click. With Social Media, you can be proactive and go looking for consumers; This is much stronger than sitting back waiting for potential customers to reach your website.

By exposing yourself, you are increasing the awareness that exists around your brand. As your presence grows, so should your audience in Social Media; And the opportunity for followers to share your content. Think of your fans as a snowball: the more you have, the easier it will be to capitalize on this community and grow even more.

A large community means more eyes attentive to the content you are creating and more likely to share this content. This increases the number of backlinks by going to your website, which will help you with your ranking.

Interaction and Quality Content

Also, the more interaction you have with your Social Media activity, the more likely people are to find your brand on Google. Brand search can help you have rankings for keywords that are not related to the brand but that are related to the service or product you offer.

Keep in mind that this premise is based on the notion that you are distributing the content of the highest quality. If you’re posting common material that has no value, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Users will have no incentive to interact if you do not offer interesting and entertaining information. If you want your audience to share the content you are creating, you invest time and effort in developing materials that will actually attract users.

One last thing that is important is to take into account that profiles in Social Media rank by itself in Google. Your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles will rank on Google – and could even be at the top of the bottom line – so keeping these profiles and continuing with them is critical. If a user is looking for your brand, your Social Media profile might appear among the first results.

Establish and Nurture Relationships

Social networks are just that: social media environments where users can communicate with others and share their ideas. For brands, one of the most innovative prospects of social networks is the ability to communicate directly with the surrounding community. Through them, you can connect with consumers, answer their questions and even get feedback.

Think of Social Media as another channel of customer service. By responding to questions online, you can show that your brand is saving the customer an extra step to make you happy. This will not only increase loyalty to your brand but will also help your SEO. It increases the opportunities for users to share your content with their friends and family, which improves your image.

You can even collaborate with other businesses, creators of content, personalities, and contributors to increase your searches and add a little diversity to the content you produce. Online contributors can prove to be invaluable, and it is best to continually strengthen this link.

Quality in the Social Media Plan

In the end, a well thought out and properly executed Social Media plan can work in conjunction with your SEO strengths to drive consistent organic traffic to your website. Although Social Media currently has no direct influence on your rankings on Google, the future of the internet is undoubtedly social networks.

Now you know! Investing time and effort in your Social Networks is a non-direct but transverse and efficient way to improve your web positioning, so do not stop creating your profiles and feed them regularly with the content of value.

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