How to Get More Traffic to Your Website

Getting targeted website traffic is the lifeblood of your site. How do you promote your blog to attract more visitors? Bringing like-minded ...

Getting targeted website traffic is the lifeblood of your site. How do you promote your blog to attract more visitors? Bringing like-minded people into your world is a great way to share your views, insights, and thoughts on any number of topics. Whether you do it for strictly business or social purposes (or both), traffic generation is a great personal motivator and gateway to online success.

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website
So, how do you get eyeballs in front of your website? Experience shows us that no one method guarantees success. However, the five (5) techniques listed here are a good starting point for your Internet journey.

Get Active on Social Media

While most people use social media to get updates and share content about news, sports, entertainment, etc., others are truly engaging their audience and participating in various community groups. This is a winning strategy for enhancing your online reputation and getting more people to your website. 

Another great way to leverage online communities is to use forum marketing to get more traffic to your website.

Create and Host Online Webinars

Webinars have become a huge opportunity for online entrepreneurs and Internet marketers in general. They are easy to set-up; the modern version of the teleseminar.

You can use social media marketing and follow up e-mails to get a targeted, hungry audience to your virtual doorsteps. It is a “win-win” scenario for everyone: the webinar attendee can hear and watch your performance from the comfort of their home or office; you and your expert guests can demonstrate and tailor messages that encourage participation and website visits.

As a bonus, many webinar marketing services (such as GoToWebinar) offer archiving services, so that you can reuse the same webinar performances over and over again to attract more folks to your site.

Make Your Website Fast and Responsive

Find out the best ways to adapt to an increasingly wireless world. Gone are the days when only the desktop ruled. Given the growth of laptop, tablet and smartphone use, ensure that your website is mobile responsive and is functional, accessible and pleasant to look at on mobile devices.

You'll also want to ensure your website loads quickly. A fast response rate will keep users engaged and interested in your site. Technical aspects to be optimized include page structure, image file compatibility, third-party plug-in functionality. Ensuring that you are hosting your website with a reputable web host will make sure it loads quickly as well.

Attend Live Events for Learning and Networking

Perhaps ironically, one of the best ways to direct traffic to your website is to meet people in your niche at events. Not all conferences and seminars are created equal, so use industry contacts and affiliations to learn about the best opportunities. One or two major annual national events sprinkled in with informal local get-togethers are a good formula to follow.

If you have a particular area of expertise that will be of value to attendees, why not offer yourself as a speaker/presenter at a conference? It will give you an opportunity to speak in public and demonstrate your value. Every live event is a great opportunity to drive traffic back to your website, get people onto your email list, and continue building your relationships online.

Incorporate Video Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

We live in a visual society, so it behooves you to use video to attract new website visitors.  Video platforms like YouTube offer sophisticated techniques (e.g. tags) for encouraging direct click-throughs to your website.

As a compliment to your traditional text and images, create instructional videos or provide helpful tips to viewers with a promise to offer more – if they sign up to your email list by going back to your website or landing page.

Multiple Methods of Driving Traffic

Attracting more visitors to your personal or business websites can be achieved using a variety of valid Internet-fuelled tactics. Use as many techniques as required, although ideally, you should master one or two methods before expanding into more traffic methods.

You may also consider outsourcing and delegate your tasks, such as hiring a social media marketing manager.

Traffic generation, along with copywriting, is arguably the most desirable Internet marketing skill for beginners to develop. Get started today and grow your list of website viewers!

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