How to Get High Quality Backlinks For Local Business (Local SEO Guide)

Link building is a fundamental aspect of SEO . The backlinks play an immense role in positioning on the search engines. It is tough to acqui...

Link building is a fundamental aspect of SEO. The backlinks play an immense role in positioning on the search engines. It is tough to acquire good ones, and the temptation is great to implement artificial tactics.

Are you trying to reach a satisfactory level of activity as soon as possible and you are constantly stuck when trying to get new opportunities for backlinks?

But do you know that some sources guarantee you for quality links? In this post, I will introduce them to you.

Improve a business in local SEO ranking and build authority that Google loves. 

How to Get High Quality Backlinks For Local Business (Local SEO Guide)
An external backlink is an important metrics for search engines algorithm. Google, Bing and other search engines use these metrics to understand the importance of a site and calculate where it should appear in SERP. There are more than 200 ranking factors that Google use for website ranking.

What makes a good backlink for local SEO?

It seems logical to consider as equivalent the traditional and localized backlinks. There is, however, a slight difference between them.

For global SEO, the most important aspect of the quality of a backlink is the domain authority that points to your site. In other words, the more authoritative the link source is, the better.

For local SEO, on the other hand, relevance related to location and sector is often more important. Even a low-quality, but relevant website in your area or geographical location can prove to be an excellent backlinks opportunity.

So, when creating local backlinks, do not neglect sites that are not very influential if they are consistent with the nature or location of your business.

Now that we've settled this issue, we can look at the best local backlink opportunities.

Local directories

To understand what a local professional online directory is, just tell yourself that this is an online version of the traditional list of yellow pages. Most of these directories operate according to the same principle: they authorize the registration of business with its most relevant information (e.g., name, address, telephone number) and a return link to the site.

Others, like,, have won a loyal and responsive audience: people from all walks of life who evaluate professional activities and share their experiences.

To find local directories specific to your industry, you can try the two methods proposed below.

  1. Use Google search [local version] to get your needs. Go to, and search for your keywords. (the local SEO ranking factors for Google).
  2. Moz has a great tool to improve local search ranking. Go to Moz and try finding. 

What to remember when registering on localized directories

The relevance of the information to contact you is one of the key factors to be well positioned on localized searches.

For a registration to strengthen your SEO work, your contact information (especially the Name, Address and Telephone Number) must be consistent, and it should be valid.
  1. Use a valid contact name 
  2. A valid address for business
  3. A valid phone number
Search engines use this information to validate your business and verify the accuracy of the information they have on it in their database. Any incoherence could disrupt them. Also, giving wrong information can cost your local SEO practice.

When you register your business, go beyond creating a backlink. You should not register on an online directory only for backlinks. Localized business directories are often the first site on which a client falls; So they can help you produce a good impression.

This is why you should enrich your registration by going far beyond the necessary information. Add impressive visuals to show visitors what your activity looks like; Provide a complete description of your business, give details to arouse curiosity, and integrate the list of your products or services.

The local press

The newspapers in your city or region are another significant source of backlinks.

They are always very interested in everything that happens in the neighborhood. This means that if you create an event or if you have an element that may arouse media interest (e.g., if you have won a new contract, hired a new employee, renovated your premises or sponsored an organization) publish.

Moreover, today most newspapers have an online version: sharing your news with them is a good way to acquire quality editorial feedback links.
"Sharing business information with the local press will help you to get a high-quality backlink."

Local Professional Associations

There are many advantages to joining local professional organizations: 
  • Networking opportunities, 
  • Recognition, 
  • Financial 
  • Improving Authority
  • Building backlinks
  • Other support.
Many agency sites publish lists of business activities where your business may be listed with a link to your site. Listing on such company sites/blogs will increase your business authority, and this is very helpful for local SEO ranking. 

Local Blogs

Like the local press, bloggers interested in what is happening in their city, region or neighborhood can mention your activity and insert a link to your site. Many localized blogs present and highlight local professional activities. Feel free to get in touch with them to find out how you can be incorporated into their list.
Local blogs backlinks can increase your business authority and improve local SEO ranking.
Another way to do this is to ask them to evaluate your product. Talk to local bloggers to find out if they want to try your product for a while and then share their experience on their site.
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Testimonials from customers, sellers or partners

If you work with other companies, partners or vendors, you can use this relationship to acquire backlinks.

Many companies have a page dedicated to suppliers that list the different companies they buy from. You can ask them to post testimonials about your business on their sites.
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What is the primary need for committees organizing local events, clubs, societies, schools and many other local organizations? Money.

They need sponsors to help them finance their project, whatever it is. Through sponsorship, you can get valuable links and references to your business while doing a good deed for the community.

Any organization you sponsor will be happy to publish information on its site, to mention your business with backlinks. This is a golden opportunity to get backlinks, but also to benefit from good publicity in your area.

Additional advice: Look for the backlinks of your competitors

There is also a quick way to find new backlinks opportunities: analyze your competitors' link profiles.

Conducting a competitive analysis can be useful for:

  1. Locate links that you can recreate quickly for your domain. By browsing your competitors' link profiles, you will be able to identify opportunities to create quality links.
  2. Identify link opportunities you have missed. Indeed, there may be an agency in your area that lists local professional business without you ever having heard of it. Or new media wanting to publish articles about local businesses. An event or organization that you can sponsor. Having access to your competitor's link profile gives you the opportunity to identify such opportunities, or others you have not thought of.
  3. Highlight your competitors' strategies. Deepening the link profiles of your competitors reveals the strategies they use to be ranked better on the search engines. This is valuable information that will help you make better strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge.
Some tools allow you to analyze the backlinks of your competitors. Among the most widely used are:
SEMrush gives you the ability to analyze the backlinks of your competitors by allowing you to search and follow all aspects of their digital marketing strategies. (Try Semrush for Free by this link)
Ahrefs provides you with an extensive catalog of backlinks and allows you to analyze all relevant data from any site. (Go to Ahrefs and Try for Free)
Like Ahrefs, Majestic gives you an exclusive directory of backlinks and lets you find links pointing to any domain.
OSE is another tool used by Moz to search for backlinks pointing to a domain, as well as various factors of importance, including the authority of the page and the domain on which they are located.


A strong link profile is an essential part of the visibility of a local business on search engines. The link opportunities mentioned in this article will help you succeed in digital marketing. Develop a detailed plan of your linking strategy, follow it step by step, and observe the results.

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