Digital Marketing Platforms & Strategies For Your Business

How important is digital marketing for your business? If you've never asked yourself this question, here are some tips for you to make ...

How important is digital marketing for your business? If you've never asked yourself this question, here are some tips for you to make your plan.

Increasingly digital internet marketing becomes an essential need for any business. But where exactly on the internet should we be present to achieve our digital marketing goals?

First in Google, as this is the main search engine on the internet, this means that a huge number of potential customers in a business can get to know you thanks to Google.
Digital Marketing Platforms & Strategies For Your Business
Having a presence in Google is not difficult, since it stores, in its database, any web page that meets minimum quality requirements, such as not containing viruses. The hard part is to appear at the top of your search results.
To achieve this, you have to take into account the following aspects of SEO:

1. On page SEO. 

It consists of implementations that we carry out in our web page. For example, individual HTML code settings, to tell Google which words we want to appear in the search results.

2. Off Page SEO. 

To put a web page in the top positions of search results, Google takes into account the reputation of that page on the internet: how far you have the internet or social networks, how much value are the pages from which it links, etc. That is, very briefly, the off page SEO.

Therefore, the way to leverage Google in the digital marketing of a business is by taking care of both on page SEO and off page SEO.

There is also the SEM, which consists of the possibility of paying Google to have your web page appear as sponsored link (advertisement) in the first search results.

Another of the keys to visibility on the internet is to have a presence in portals that have a greater traffic of people. We talk about social networks.

But keep in mind that it is important to be present in social networks, but not in all, learn to choose in which social networks to be present. And that will depend on the profile of your business and your marketing goals.

The Best Social Media for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Below you can find a list of the popular social networks at present, along with some basic tips that will allow you to choose or discard them:
  • Facebook: It is the social network with more amount of users at present. It offers the possibility of creating a user profile and, from it, groups and pages. The recommended option for a business is neither a user profile nor a group, but a page.
  • Twitter: People and companies, associations, organizations, etc. are present here. If we want to increase our number of followers on Twitter, we will have to make a wise use of the hashtags in each and every one of the tweets that we publish.
  • LinkedIn: This is appropriate if you have a B2B business or if one of your marketing goals is to weave a network of professional contacts. If you are looking for customers, LinkedIn is not your social network.
  • Youtube: This platform is excellent for getting people to know the products or services offered by a business, but it is critical that the videos uploaded are not of commercial interest, but general interest. Put another way: the videos that people seek, see and share are those that do not sell products or services.
  • Instagram: If you have a business in which the visual part is important, this network can help you sell "through the eyes."
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Of course, there are much more platform and portals that can drive business through the internet. 

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