6 Ways To Stop Worrying In Less Than 10 Minutes

By | 06.05.2017

Depressive disorders are one of the most common and most underestimated diseases. This article will show you, how to stop worrying about things you can’t control.

It is estimated that around 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Not only that. More and more people are prone to mild depressive moods, chronic pondering, permanent anxiety, and recurring anxiety. 

6 Ways To Stop Worrying In Less Than 10 Minutes

Years ago, I took help from FastCompany. A recent experiment has provided helpful tips on how to break out of these spirals. Here you are:

1. Chewing gum

Chewing gum could help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. A study from 2011 showed that participants who chewed gum for two weeks twice a day were much less prone to anxiety than those who did not. 

By the way, chewing gum while you solve tasks that demand your memory can help to shorten your reaction time and sharpen your focus. 

2. Drink a cup of tea

A particular type of tea, namely kava, is meant to help relieve anxiety and stress. A study from 2013 even suggests that a cup of tea can help in such cases just as effectively as a drug treatment – without the risk of being dependent. 

3. Sets a short pause

If you notice that you are trapped in a fear or anxiety loop, take a little time out and physically and mentally get rid of the situation. Go for a walk, go shopping with the bike, whatever helps you get a clear head. What is important is that you gain both mental and physical distance from the moment. 

4. Make the worst of you

What is the worst thing that could happen now? If you could imagine how terribly something could happen, you might quickly realize how silly this case is. This method often functions as an anxiety killer. 

5. Look at something funny

Distraction is always a good idea if you do not escape alone from the ghost trap. Laughter works miracles and is correct medicine because it causes the dopamine to be released and reduces the stress hormones that are responsible for your anxiety. 

6. Reward

If you have managed to break out of your whirl of anxiety or worry, reward yourself for it. This can be great food, an excellent movie, a good book. Whatever you like and as a reward. This tactic ensures that you are able to complete the situation with a success story and to think more about your success next time. 

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