5 Ways to Remind Mom - Managing Mother's Day Grief

Mother's Day can be a difficult time to overcome when you've lost your mom. If the loss is recent, omnipresent Mother's Day mess...

Mother's Day can be a difficult time to overcome when you've lost your mom. If the loss is recent, omnipresent Mother's Day messages can be tough to tolerate. If more time has passed, Mother's Day could be an inspiration to do something special in memory of the woman who is always in your heart. 

5 Ways to Remind Mom - Managing Mother's Day Grief
No matter how much time has elapsed, you can handle grief as you remind your mother of Mother's Day in some ways, including the following five options:

1. Buy a card

It's hard to get away from the Mother's Day cards that are on sale in the month of May. If the card display provokes an emotional reaction, do not hesitate and buy a card that reflects your feelings or the relationship you had with your mother. Reflective, severe or funny, the card you choose can help you put your emotions and thoughts into words. Take advantage of those memories and write a note on the card. You can take the card to your mother's resting place or look for a special place at home.

2. Leave a place at the table

Mother's Day, leave an extra place at the table for Mom. You could also include a photo of your mom there. Leaving a chair at the table can help you feel that you are still part of the family meal. In keeping with this idea, each member of the family can share a special memory of Mom or Grandma before starting to eat. Preparing your mother's favorite food or a particular recipe she has taught you is another way to capture Mom's happy memories on Mother's Day, instead of focusing on her absence.

3. Take flowers

Bring flowers to your mother's bed rest on Mother's Day is a beautiful gesture to pay homage. While so many others go from one place to another to buy last minute gifts, prepare meals or make one or more visits to your parents or in-laws, you instead can visit your mother's resting place in search of a moment of reflection in silence. An arrangement of your favorite flowers can bring color and a touch of spring. If your mother's bed rest is in another state, ask the cemetery to put a flower arrangement for you. To provide an additional service, most suppliers have links to local florists to facilitate flower orders.

4. Visit another mother

Mother's Day may seem lonely if you can not visit or call your own mother. Consider visiting an elderly person in a nursing home or senior center, who otherwise would not receive any other visit on Mother's Day. If pertinent and the establishment allows it, you could go to the visit with the company of some child. Instead of harboring feelings of loneliness with your memories on Mother's Day, take advantage of the day to bring joy to the evening of another mother.

5. Donate your time

They say that charity begins at home, and many mothers leave a legacy of donation. Keep your legacy alive by collaborating on a voluntary basis for a meritorious local organization on Mother's Day. Serving meals at a local soup kitchen, planting new flowers or vegetables in a community garden, or reading to children in a hospital program are examples of volunteer activities that can reflect your mother's interests while allowing you to spend a day, Which would otherwise be difficult, at the service of others.

Missing Mom on Mother's Day is average. The way you choose to spend Mother's Day when your mom is no longer may differ from year to year. Regardless of how you decide to spend that day, dueling experts agree that the most important thing is to listen to your heart and allow yourself to do as much or as little as you think you can do. Giving yourself permission to mourn or honor your mother in whatever way you feel is essential to manage your own grief and well-being as you remember Mother's Day.

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