Worried About Debt? Tips On Managing Your Loans

The stress that can generate the mismanagement of money leads to people getting sick and committing 'madness' with their indebtednes...

The stress that can generate the mismanagement of money leads to people getting sick and committing 'madness' with their indebtedness.

The general recommendation the experts make is to ask for help as soon as possible when the debts are above 50% of the income you receive. If one looks at the indicators of indebtedness, it is inferred that the Americans are today at healthy levels on their credits.

Worried About Debt? Tips On Managing Your Loans
According to the latest report from the American Financial Superintendence, with a cut to January 2017, there are almost 15 million credit cards, one million more than those circulating in the same month of 2016. If we count some plastics that are in circulation with the total purchases made by America last year, you get that the average consumption of purchases per card came to $ 917,000 annually.

Specialists in the field are also monitoring what happens to the debts of Americans. For example, a few days ago Datacrédito Experian (one of the credit information centers that has the financial reporting of Americans and 93,000 companies reporting in the country) launched a new index that reflects the participation of originations in the system a From different sources of credit.

The quality and access to the information to which the lenders and service providers go are essential to facilitate access to credit for people. Access to quality information that shows individuals' payment behavior is vital to promote access, especially to the lower income population.

In addition to making a budget, you can learn how to protect your finances smartly

According to this 'thermometer' of the credit, the application and delivery of credits have presented percentage increases for the months of February, March, and April of 2017 in sectors that are vital to the American economy: mortgage, consumption, and telecommunications. However, the credit rates of vehicles and cooperatives show a different behavior.

The index of origin of vehicles reached 114.7 in January 2017, while in that of cooperatives had a decrease of 77.5 in the same period. In car loans, an activation in the dynamics is started, after a fall due to the effect of the dollar exchange rate in 2016.

How do you handle your payments with a collection advisor?

According to SAS, which is responsible for the collection of loans from financial institutions and the real sector, it is possible to make a plan for the management of debts in an intelligent way, always with the aim of having a financial plan thinking for the future. So if you are a person with a high level of indebtedness and do not provide enough to meet all your financial and daily commitments, it is critical to be aware of what you earn against what you spend.

In addition to knowing your income, at the time of credit, you have to ask yourself these three questions to guide your finances in 2017

"Having done this, he will have taken the first step towards cleaning up his finances, generating a mental alert that will be activated whenever he wants to use his credit card or accept a bank loan for an unnecessary expense," explained an SAS reporter.

In the second instance, make a budget including your minimum expenses and compare them with your monthly income. Through this practice, you will be able to identify those purchases that you can do without. Remember that smart debt are those you acquired with the aim of investing in a project that will generate profits or well-being (education, home, vehicle, etc.). By responding in time to these obligations, it will automatically convert the bank or solidarity economy entity into its ally for future projects.

Now, if your indebtedness has passed any direct mediation with the financial institution or solidary economy and its process given to an external collection agent, these are the ten tips that will serve you to make the most of a direct negotiation with a group advisor:

  • Listen carefully to the information that the group counselor has to give you.
  • Analyze the options you are given and not make decisions without having all the information.
  • Being in default can not be considered as an option, you have to look for alternatives for the normalization of your debt.
  • Make real payment commitments and always talk to the truth.  
  • Please tell the collection counselor clearly what your current situation is. That way, together you will find the right formula to get more out of it.
  • The collection advisor is not your enemy. The primary function of it is to guide it to the best way to achieve the normalization of its credit.
  • It must be clear that the collection management will not stop until your credit is up to date, as it is advisable to have a cordial relationship with your group counselor, meanwhile, manages to regularize your credit.  
  • You can not reach a payment agreement without you as a debtor, make an economic effort.  
  • Always making claims to entities such as the financial, service or industry and trade superintendence will not solve your problem. Although corrective actions will be taken against the form, this will stop neither the collection procedures nor the consequences of being in arrears.

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