What is Social Media Marketing?

By | 20.04.2017

Marketing is one of the activities we always do, even unconsciously. Always do some promotion, advertisement or publicity will be in our daily walk. And what we dedicated to this marketing we noticed a little more of a spot in disguise or a marketing campaign discreet and safe. 

However today we will talk about Social Media Marketing, a branch of Marketing that is more focused on the participation of users and that today with social networks is much more beneficial than before.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a process of getting customers for your product/service through social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are a great example of social networking sites

What is Social Media Marketing?

Let us then go to what we intended from the beginning. Social media marketing, it could be said that at the moment it is more a branch of the digital marketing, although one works of very different form. While digital marketing is based on advertisements or direct advertising on the internet. Social marketing focuses more on the activity of people in social networks, comments received, shared things, word of mouth participation on the web by a team, a group or a certain number of individuals.

The basic idea of Social media marketing is, through a short campaign, users will begin to share with others the product or service they have liked. This will make the social media marketing campaign by word of mouth a success. In fact, many goods and services have been handled this way, and we can continue to see them on the internet with free promotions shared by users.

Benefits of a Good Social Marketing Strategy

Of course, like every marketing campaign, there has to be a lot of advantages. But what happens in social marketing, the goals or results will never be similar. While in Digital Marketing the goal is to increase sales. In Social Marketing we know that sales will come by themselves later, so what matters is to get an increase in social activity and ready. So what are the Benefits of Social Marketing?

Higher Visibility. 

A good Social Marketing campaign will bring, among other things, that your company, brand, product or service, have a greater visibility among social communities. The idea is that now not only know who you are but generate a positive image for your brand, so that when that person needs a product or service similar to what you offer, immediately remember you. 
Basically, it will try to be at the head of as many people on social networks as possible.


Something important to the social marketing. It is that this is not only carried out to get customers but also to keep those we already have. So, Do you answer all the questions in social networks? Show kindness, know more clients, who could be your customers, but still more to those who already were. Why? Because you know who is willing to spend on you, your store, your product or brand. 
Therefore, Loyalty plays a critical role, make the customer come back and not go with the competition, if not from the beginning know and think that you are the best option.

Natural Positioning.

Personally, I consider it one of the most significant benefits triggered by a Social Marketing campaign, why? The natural positioning of your brand, benefits in several areas. You will never be penalized because your positioning was natural, at no time was manipulation of anything. Also, this positioning will make your sales increase like foam and that at the same time everything adds up, sales, followers, income, etc.

Consider this. 

Many companies spend thousands of dollars in positioning their brand on the internet. However, a good social media marketing campaign will be able to save you that significant amount of money. The trick? Well just to make an optimal campaign, that the results are what you are looking for and not what it is. It is just a tip.

Greater Interaction with Clients. 

One of the advantages that you have today with social networks is that your Social media marketing campaign can be a long-term and long-term success if you propose it. For example, talking with your customers, asking if they can be helped in something, making a purchase or seeing what is needed, this type of details also makes it possible for people who ask questions within the community to find the potential new customers. And while we know that keeping customers is indispensable, getting new clients will always be a primary goal.

Social Marketing is the Marketing of Social Networks?

In the beginning, it would sound like I’m just referring to social networks right? Even more so when today everything social is associated with these social networks. Yes, I accept that social networks are fundamental and that within a marketing campaign, it is a good way to catch customers or prospects. But when it comes to e.g. loyalty, we can use other tools such as email or phone calls. Even if it is only to ask how you are and that the company wishes you a good day. Such details can make a difference.


In conclusion, Social Marketing is a branch of Digital Marketing that today has become indispensable. Not only for a company to start growing, but for that same company or any other, maintain a certain prestige, a comfortable and stable sales level. 
Remember that Social media marketing will not only help you to get followers and potential buyers for the future, but it will also give you the opportunity to strengthen relationships with your customers or consumers who have already tried your products, your brand, your services. And that part is as important as the first.

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