What Is Cloud Hosting & How Does It Work?

When we talk about Hosting. We get into a sector where technology has had a lot to do and do in recent years. Previously, we only had what i...

When we talk about Hosting. We get into a sector where technology has had a lot to do and do in recent years. Previously, we only had what is traditional hosting, and there were not many alternatives for high performance. 

However over the years, fortunately, we can now enjoy new technologies that offer us the greater performance and much more stability. That is why today we will talk about Cloud Hosting. Surely the term you've heard, but what is Cloud hosting?

What Is Cloud Hosting & How Does It Work?
Let's look at it carefully so that everyone is very clear.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Surely at this point in the game, you know what Cloud is. All the systems you see that say Cloud System, Cloud Software, Cloud Hosting, refer to running with resources in the cloud or making use of elements in the cloud as storage so to speak. But then what is cloud hosting, is easy, refers to what is storage in the cloud, something very used today.

However, to make it clear and there is no doubt about it, let's see what some of the features and advantages of cloud hosting are.

Features and Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Reliability. As you well know, having things hosted on a server is risky because a server can crash anytime. But what happens when we talk about a storage system or hosting in the cloud. The risk that the system is out of service, it becomes almost nil, and I explain. A Cloud Hosting is basically a virtual storage system, which runs a series of physical servers working simultaneously. If a physical server dies, cloud hosting is not affected, in fact, will continue to work in a normal way, this thanks to the virtual machine is executed based on more than 1 physical server.

To make matters worse, in some cloud hosting configurations, the physical servers are not even in the same place, and the cloud still works perfectly. This is one of the main advantages of having a cloud hosting plan or is one of the benefits for those who create the network architectures, in this case, it will not matter that the server is not locally.

Physical Security.

So you do not believe what they are telling you about, that cloud hosting is unsafe physically. The reality is that the physical servers of a cloud hosting, are inside a data center well protected and isolated from all types of access to third parties and any malicious person who wants to make his own.

Scalability and flexibility. 

One of the main advantages of a Cloud Hosting. No doubt it is the scalability and flexibility that these types of storage plans have, for example. With a physical server, if you need more storage space or need a much higher performance, it may be necessary to switch from server to a more powerful server or even increase your storage plan in the company where you are. But what about a Cloud Hosting?

With a Cloud hosting, being scalable and flexible. You can hire the space and performance you need only if later you need more resources, you do not have to worry because only you will be assigned what you decide and ready. Unlike traditional hosting, where you pay for fixed plans, here you will be paying the resources you use or have contracted, with the possibility of scaling a little more or reducing them in case you no longer need so many resources. Fascinating is not it?

You pay only what you use. 

I already go ahead in the previous paragraph, and I mentioned one of the independent advantages, but we will illustrate it in more detail. If you have not tried a Cloud hosting yet, you'll probably be accustomed to paying monthly plans for already-made packages of resources on a physical server. If you use everything as well and if not then also, in any way you must pay the fixed rate that the web hosting company offers.

But what about a Cloud Hosting? 

Here the advantage and benefit that you will have are that you will only have to pay for those resources that you use. This goes hand in hand with the scalable and flexible, if you need more resources, only go and ask the hosting company with whom you are, OK Hosting offers you high prices in this section and only pay what you decide, without needing Adapt to a fixed tariff plan, almost like cellular telephony.


As you could see, Cloud Hosting is one of the new offers that web hosting companies offer us as service buyers. Primarily provides greater performance, greater storage comfort, availability for all kinds of movement you want to do on your hosting server. 
So after having seen all this. Are you sure you do not want to hire a cloud hosting package? I assure you that on the march, the experience will be satisfactory.

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