23 Ways to Renew Your Professional Energy

From time to time the practitioner may feel relatively exhausted or lack in energy. Here are 23 ways to renew your professional energy for ...

From time to time the practitioner may feel relatively exhausted or lack in energy. Here are 23 ways to renew your professional energy for a better life experience. 

This situation is typical of conditions of constant high stress, of an extended period performing the same mission, monotonous and/or recurrent, or the lack of rest days. And it is independent of whether the professional is a Director, a Free-Lance, an Entrepreneur or anyone who develops a mission in an Organization.

23 Ways to Renew Your Professional Energy
It is normal for our vital energy cycle to have highs and lows and to go through valley periods.

The problem is when this situation is exquisite, and a period-back is lengthened and extended until it becomes a feeling of boredom, tiredness, low energetic level continued, distress (negative stress) that sometimes can lead to falling in a low level of defenses and Vulnerability to physical and mental deterioration.

One way out of these situations (and ideally avoid entering) is trying to break this negative cycle and initiate steps to configure a Virtuous Circle Professional of energy renovation.
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Some elements of this Professional Virtuoso Circle are:

In your job:

  • It uses the GTD ( Getting Things Done ) methodology. Above all, proactively manage and control your Agenda.
  • Work and plan tasks as predictably as possible. I have not found any role that, at least in part of its time, is 100% unpredictable.
  • It influences in your professional environment to minimize the unforeseen, interruptions, and change of priorities.
  • Your schedule is X hours. List your priorities and fill them with them until you feel reasonable. From here, discard or postpone the rest.
  • If you work for Projects, even if they are small, make an estimate of what you will need to invest in each project phase and give yourself time. Actual working hours with sufficient buffer.
  • If you work with Outlook in NT (shared visibility), it really limits your empty spaces to where there is really no problem if someone fills you.
  • Understand at what point in your cycle you are. Each of us has different cycles, more accelerated or less, depending on how we are, our professional stage, our maturity, the role and many other factors. However usually follow 3 phases:
  • You have just come to a new, exciting and motivating mission and you are on the launch pad (0-12 months)
  • You are beginning to enjoy the role, purpose, etc. You see that you bring value (12-24 / 48 months)
  • Notes the need to change, to assume new challenges, (24-48 months)
  • It is precisely in the third stage where the probability increases that more need to start to emerge from the Energy Renewal ... it is normal, and here you have to design your plan to make a change that allows you to renew yourself professionally. There are as many positive changes as people and can be close (in the team), medium (in the organization or company) or distant (in another group), depending on each case.
  • And if you are not working ... so 'actívate' and 'Dynamite' to the maximum - do not be still.

In a professional setting but outside of work

Reasonably Hybrid:

  • Participate in courses, seminars, masters, ..lee, format, meet new people
  • Do networking, meet different people with different interests and perspectives
  • Read management blogs or your professional interest, comments in groups
  • Enrich your entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial and curiosity spirit
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Outside the professional environment, it is convenient

  • Book every day (or if it is impossible, as often as possible) a time to see the family and enjoy it. A time of Quality.
  • Sleep properly every day.
  • Doing sport every day or almost every day
  • Eating and following a diet in the right way, if excesses, especially at night.
  • Take time to take care of yourself
  • Book a time to see and take care of friends.
  • Set aside time for your hobby.
  • Travel
  • Take a vacation

If I had to summarize, I would tell you that the most important thing is to actively manage your agenda, optimizing it, and dedicating time to what you really want to spend your time.

And make sure that within this period you include the maximum number of elements that allow you to configure the professional circle of energy renewal.
A hug and lots of energy for everyone.

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