3 Tips to Inspire Creativity in Your Employees

Does creativity have a real impact on business performance?   How to stimulate creativity in the company? Innovation, gain in market share, ...

Does creativity have a real impact on business performance? How to stimulate creativity in the company? Innovation, gain in market share, competitive advantages: creativity can bring real performance levels to an activity. Take note of these 'games' that will open the mind of your team and encourage you to generate new ideas for the company.

3 Tips to Inspire Creativity in Your Employees
Innovative companies perform better

The findings of this study demonstrate as one would expect that creativity is indeed a factor of development and performance of the enterprise. Indeed, 58% of companies seeking to promote in-house creativity achieved a higher turnover in 2016 than in 2015, compared with only 20% for less creative companies. Promoting innovation, Approaches to gain new market shares or the emergence of the primary competitive advantages, innovative companies also benefit from an additional image that attracts attention and talents. These are the most creative companies that rank among the best employers in the world. Creativity, that is, the production of new ideas in any field, Innovation, but also differentiation and attractiveness.

3 Tips to Inspire Creativity in Your Employees

Photographer, Freelance active and emotional speaker Walker Holmes teaches some of the world's largest companies how to have fun in the office. Wahl believes that most workspaces are too rigid and do not allow employees to have time to originate creative thoughts that produce innovative ideas. 

Wahl describes numerous ways to break those unproductive patterns to create environments that not only nurture but accelerate creativity. We share three unconventional methods that you recommend: 

1. Play with plasticine

Before starting a meeting, take with you plasticine and give each of the attendees a tin or two and tell them that they have a few minutes to model something that reminds them of their childhood. There will probably be awkward laughter at first, but Wahl says that few times people refuse to do so. 

The tactile nature of plasticine and the exercise of making a connection with childhood helps people break with the pretension that commonly exists in these boards as well as to open the mind. Use five or 10 minutes to play and then discuss what each person did. Immediately, he continues with the theme of the meeting. 

"You've broken the ice, made people laugh and relax. This will help you get better answers and ideas, "he says. 

2. Planning leisure

Time Plan time in the week that is completely free, where employees can do any relaxing activity such as taking a walk, sitting down to think or enjoying a quiet time. Giving the brain rest from the remainder of the day to engage in a soothing and inspiring task will allow you to return to the desk with new ideas and thoughts. 

It is important that this time is not used for work-related matters. You may feel weird at first, but it serves to open the space for the mind to innovate. 

"When we are very focused or thinking critically we have little time to generate ideas. It is at the point where we stop thinking when we generate new and different ideas, "says Holmes. 

3. Draw

'Art' is an effective way to open the channels of creativity. During one of his talks with Honda's creative team, Wahl started by getting everyone scribbled. They listened to him speak and only had to draw what caught their attention at the moment. 

Wahler says he later received a note from one of the team members. The drawing he did ended up being a new product by which the company obtained a patent, and that resulted in millionaire profits. Clearly, few scribbles are so lucrative, but the process of creating art can lead to exciting discoveries and ideas.

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