Important notes to understand the Brexit

I have recently been thinking about the Brexit and the real impact it could have. Recall that Brexit was called to the movement in which Eng...

I have recently been thinking about the Brexit and the real impact it could have. Recall that Brexit was called to the movement in which England and not the United Kingdom, decides to separate from the European Union.

We must also remember the importance of the European Union, whose efforts began in the 1960s and amalgamated in the 1990s under three fundamental pillars: Economy, Security, and Society.

On June 23, 2016, citizens of England vote for Brexit with a 72% stake. The Brexit that was more a referendum, or procedure to democratic voting, forced by the Conservative Party of David Cameron was a negative bet for the country.

Important notes to understand the Brexit
David Cameron cost him his resignation, England an interesting debate and a lot of speculation at the moment of knowing the result.

What will happen?

One thing that trade and life treaties teach is that it all takes time. Nothing is immediate.

Something we should know from the beginning and not fall into the frenzy of a change in a process with more than 30 years. What is now required is a discussion on the terms of exit, this includes a negotiation between the countries of the European Union and England.

Is it the final exit?

No, also something that teaches one's life is that everything is reversible except death. If the negotiation considers that it is not an exact moment to separate, a new referendum can be called to check if the social cost equates the economic one. In this case, the most important question would be the process of quantifying costs.

Why did Brexit happen?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) states that we are in a stream of de-globalization.
This refers to the fact that several countries are rethinking their integration policy, their allies and other important issues that developed during the 1990s and which today seem to have problems.

In the case of the European Union, the greatest malaise of the English was the labor effect. According to the English migration has desaparecido and is that according to Migration Watch UK, from 2012 to 2016 went from 177 thousand people who migrated to 333 thousand people.

These migrants qualify as citizen migrants, implying that they will stay for at least 12 months. The majority of the previous percentage is of people of the European Union.

Following the speech on labor issues that also used President Trump in his campaign, the work of the English was taken by the European Union. To this must be added the crisis of countries nicknamed with contempt as Pigs or PIGS in the European Union.

Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain have seen in an economic problem that England has had to be part of those who pay but have not considered it fair.

To this is added the discussion of the Prime Ministers of England and Germany, who have not wanted to relinquish power and England has not been invited to their table, which is a sign that has been left out of the negotiations.

And now?

Now to wait, to see a little more quantification. What if it is correct to assume is that if England manages to emerge victoriously surely others will follow. So the eyes are in England because it can set a precedent.

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