How You Should Answer The 7 Most Common Interview Questions

You are going to attend an interview for the next better job. But are you ready for the position? Are you confident to get the job? How do ...

You are going to attend an interview for the next better job. But are you ready for the position? Are you confident to get the job? How do you prepare for a job interview?

There you are, like a custard. Waiting in an aseptic parlor, with a few magazines on the table, an abstract picture in front and a door next to you with a sign saying "Human Resources." And you attack. Because you have rehearsed your speech, but you know that the interviewers are trained to surprise you with any stupid questions that you can keep in evidence. 

How You Should Answer The 7 Most Common Interview Questions
Now, the experience is a degree, and many of those issues are repeated in absolutely every job interview . And here we go: these are the most brilliant answers.

Question 1: Why should we hire you?

Because I'm worth it, of course. That is the answer you would like to use, but it is far from what you expect to hear. That is why it is better to choose beautiful and exciting words. "My profile is closely related to the work of the position, and I will contribute all my effort and enthusiasm to live up to the expectations of the company." Take it now. Let's see who denies that this is an answer without any flaw.

Question 2: What do you expect from this job?

Pasta. Although not Apple. And the more, the better. But do not you see the feather duster? It is better to opt for a more serious response: "I hope to grow as a professional and learn everything that a company of this category can teach me." It is convenient to use all the answers as a weapon to put in value the prestige of the enterprise. 

Question 3: Could you list three virtues and three defects?

Yes, there are still contractors who ask. Because it is a cheating question; Most of the time we make the mistake of establishing as defects what, in fact, are virtues, like that of "I'm too perfectionist." And that is not the right thing to do. It will always be better to list three standard virtues, such as your taste for giving your best, your eagerness to improve or your positive attitude towards problems, and recourse to defects that can be remedied, such as that, even if you like to work As a team, you prefer to do it individually

Question 4: What would you want your salary to be?

The tallest. Of course, but do not notice. Also, the position is not yet yours, and your answer may tip the balance to the side of the "discards." Therefore, it is better that you do not alludes to any particular figure and that you refer, at most, to the average salary established for the position you are going to play. also making it clear that not only does the money move you, but you expect to "Form of experience and professional travel."

Question 5: Do you like to work as a team?

I do not hate it. People are stupid. Answer that if you want to end the interview. But if you want to get the job, say what you like most because four eyes see more than two, because in group solutions are reached faster, because having several points of view generates more whole ideas, because sharing Experiences with your peers is enriching. You will not believe it, but it's what you expect to hear.

Question 6: Could it be described in a sentence?

Do not complicate yourself either. As this question is almost sure to fall on the questionnaire, it will be good to try some alternative and repeat it trying not to notice that you know by heart. Highlight all your virtues and your desire to integrate into the team, but do not describe yourself as a kind of fallen star in the sky to illuminate the world with your heavenly light.

Question 7: We have finished, do you have any questions?

Do not make the awkwardness of saying no, you have it all clear. Nobody is clear at all. Therefore, it is better that you take advantage to plumb some matter related to the company, the position to which you aspire or to delve into some aspect reviewed during the interview. In this way, you will show interest, and you will also make it clear that you know how to question your superiors and that you are embarrassed to ask if it is a question of having all the information to carry out your work in the best way.

If you do not skate, if you have all this clear, you will only have to wait for a few days to receive the dream call, the one in which they will say: "Congratulations, the position is yours."

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