How to successfully publish a book on Amazon?

Have you ever wanted to publish a book but you are frustrated to think about the obstacles imposed by the publishing world? Many writers, ev...

Have you ever wanted to publish a book but you are frustrated to think about the obstacles imposed by the publishing world? Many writers, even if they have the talent, do not have the necessary connections to know how to sell their product, that's why they quit, and many stories remain unpublished. However, times have changed, and it is now possible to have a book on sale without intermediaries.

How to successfully publish a book on Amazon?
The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform allows anyone to publish books, it's free, and the author can receive up to 70% in royalties from the sales he makes. With this you no longer have to convince a literary agent that your book deserves to be published, nor does it need to find a publisher who believes in you.

You can even publish your book physically through an Amazon company, view the sales figures in real time and even create your author profile

What are the steps to publish a book on amazon?

From the university thesis, you did with so much effort to your valuable memories, you can publish all it on Amazon by following these steps.

1. After having organized in a document, word or pdf, the file of your book, you have to create an account at, which does not take more than two minutes. Then log in and go to the library, where you can see the list of requirements that includes the type of content, cover, description of the book, keywords and the genre of your work.

The ISBN, which is an international standard number of books that identifies the publication for commercial use, is only necessary if the version you want to publish is printed if so it is free on Amazon, which helps you to do so with the press of a button.

Next, to the requirements click on 'Kindle Ebook' if you want it to be digital or in 'Softcover' if you want it to be physical

2. In the next step, you should fill in the details of your publication, say if you have collaborators, the issue number, the serial number, the author's data and a description of the work among others, keep in mind that many details Are optional.

3. When completing this data, continue on the tab 'Content of ebook kindle,' where you must certify that you have the copyright of the book, upload the file to the platform and also upload the cover image. If you do not already have the lid, Kindle Direct Publishing has an application that helps you design one.

4. In the next tab called 'Kindle eBook price,' in addition to defining how much each copy will cost, you can also decide in which regions of the world your book will be available. Even Amazon has an option in which when buying digital books these can be shared with friends, just like with physical books, do not forget to indicate if you want.

5. When you have all the above steps ready click publish, between 24 and 48 hours your book will be available on the Kindle Store.

If something went wrong when uploading the data, changes that apply such as the description, author's name or cover page would appear on the page within a maximum of 48 hours, although perhaps some take longer than others. Remember that if your book has already been published on paper, the contributors and authors must match the digital version so that Amazon will link the two books.

Tips for Making Your Book Succeed

  • Appreciate your work, do not think that your topic is not interesting. According to Felipe Ossa, manager of the National Bookstore in Bogota, some topics can be fashionable at any time, for example, coloring books for adults, dieting books and even those of the Colombian conflict are now in vogue. "This year is selling the book 'First of all, do not hurt' by Henry Marsh, which is about the memories of a neurosurgeon," says Felipe
  • Amazon allows one form of payment per chapter, you can even offer the first chapter of your free book so that it will be released and more likely to sell.
  • The best thing is that your book is in English so that you will have a wider niche market.  
  • Amazon apart from publishing your book offers more benefits, for example, allows you to sign up for KDP Select, which is a library of Kindle loans, so you can earn a share of the global KDP fund every time someone borrows your book. 
  • There is also Kindle Countdown Deals, which are limited-time promotional discounts where readers can even get free books for a limited time, this allows you to get more royalties from your book. 
  • There is also the Kindle Unlimited program, which is for readers from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, Italy, USA. UU, France, Spain, India, Australia and Japan

If you are starting we recommend the option of the digital book, as a reader from another country does not want to assume the costs of shipping or wait several weeks to read it.

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