How to Start a Pet Care Business In 10 Steps

Starting your own pet care business can prove to be one of the most profitable home based businesses . It is a business that does not requir...

Starting your own pet care business can prove to be one of the most profitable home based businesses. It is a business that does not require significant capital at the outset and can leave you free time if you only offer services like "dog accommodation." All you need is love for animals.

How to Start a Pet Care Business

This article will show you how you can start your pet care business and will give you some tips to succeed in this business. It is recommended to write a business plan before starting your firm. You can check this article to have a perfect written plan of activities.  

How to Start a Pet Care Business In 10 Steps
Things to do before starting a Pet Care Business

Develop your company's business plan. Every company, whether large or small, needs a well-developed development plan. Here are some points you need to consider.
  1. Analyze the market. How many people in your community can apply for services and how many pet care companies already exist in your community?
  2. Define the areas of competence of your business. What will you do exactly? If you are all alone at the start of the firm, you need to think about what you will do and how you will do it. What benefits will you derive from this business and what needs will you be able to satisfy?
  3. Establish your business strategy. What will differentiate your company from your competitors? Is it perhaps because you will offer a night care service? Or a more personalized service? Or will you get to know your community through charities such as animal protection or the foundation of an animal shelter, which will increase your qualifications?
  4. Set up a marketing campaign. How will you get to know your business and encourage people to use your services? Making a good promotion of your business is the best way to ensure the success of your business whether you are a pet keeper or an accountant! If one considers two given companies, one doing a relatively average marketing campaign and the other doing it in an excellent way, the company that does a good marketing campaign will obviously be more successful.
  5. Do not forget sales! Markets allow people to know your business while sales are what brings them to your premises. Do not neglect this.
  6. Define your workflow. What will be your days doing in this animal care business and how will you deal with urgent solicitations or even late pickups? How are you going to recruit? What is the profile of new employees?
  7. Plan an emergency plan to respond to urgent situations that prevent you from caring for the animals.
  8. Take stock of everything you will need to start your business. Leashes, cages, a large yard, enough food for the animals. You may not need a lot of money to start, but you will need some minimum to get supplies and finance sales and promotional campaigns.

How will you get the funds to start your business? 

Your money can come from your savings or from a loan from a friend. You can also get it from an animal shelter in your locality or from the pocket of one of your family members.
  • Show them your spending figures. Before taking a loan, even if it comes from your own pocket, determine how much you will use and the exact amount you need.
  • Put your assets first. Describe your qualifications and include anything that might encourage people to trust you to keep their animals. You may be an excellent dog trainer, or you have been voted best Cat Gatherer. Bring these assets to the public!

Give your company a name. "Pet Care Business"

If you wish, you can give your business a name. Look for an original name that describes your activities. Avoid too flattering names or clich├ęs such as "pet your animals." Think of a name that can easily be remembered and which is attached to your neighborhood.

Seek authorization for Pet Care Business

If you just want to create a "small" business in your area or for family and friends, you can skip this step. However, if you want to start an actually recognized business, you must seek a license to operate your business (depending on your locality) if necessary. Research online to find out if your area requires a permit for this type of business.

Prepare all necessary documents. 

You will need a service contract that your clients must sign, a report card to record everything you have done during the visits to the veterinarian. You must also have a booklet to identify the medications you need to administer to the animals, as well as an instruction guide that will teach you how to care for animals and their environment. Prepare these necessary documents as well as others of the same kind before starting your business.

Set rates for your pet care services

Think about the rates you will charge customers for a service rendered. Keep your prices stable and clear so as not to embarrass the clients. Certain factors should be considered before establishing your fee schedule.

  • The type of animals: a dog requires more work than a fish, and you will certainly ask for a higher rate.
  • Time: how long do you have to take care of this or that animal?
  • The number of animals: how many animals belonging to a particular client should you take care of?

Join a professional association. 

This will help you get help and advice when you need it and also follow a code of conduct that will give your company more credibility.
Consider the distance from the location of your business premises. If you need to service a large area, you must add mileage surcharges.

Create a website to promote your Pet Care Business.

Nowadays people go directly to the Internet when they are looking for a product or service. You will absolutely increase your chances of success by using a website. If you don't know how it works, here is a tutorial on how to create a website.
  • It is not enough to have a website. In addition to being easy to find, your site must be able to clearly explain what you are doing. You have to tell people, for example, that you take care of their pets in their absence as well as they would do it themselves.
  • Be aware that individuals who apply for pet services love their animals as much as their children. Thus, if your site does not contain an appropriate message, you will be destroying your business before it even starts.

Optimize your website. 

The mere fact of publishing your site does not guarantee that it will be easy to find! Apply the following suggestions from Google to optimize your site.

The title tag: 

One of the most important elements related to search engine optimization is the title tag. Make sure it contains your keywords and that the character set does not exceed 70. 
Here are some examples.
  • An excellent guardian for your pets or 20 years experiences with animals! Call the number: +11 61 40 92 17.
  • A caretaker for your pets when you are away! Call "ZZZ Pet service" today at +11 65 58 42 19.
  • You are at work? Leave your pets in "XXX Pet Service," call the number: 06 65 58 42 19.


Inside your HTML code is your meta tag. Use accurate and understandable language to describe the content of your page. Each meta tag page must have a unique description.
If you need further help, here are everything you need to know to get website traffic through Google and other search engines

Good quality content: 

In the end, your site must give the visitor good quality content. Google generally rewards sites with unique and innovative content. So add new content to your site regularly.

Once your website is up and running and you're updating it regularly, consider signing up for Google Adsense and getting ads related to your pet care business to increase your revenue.

Start your services. 

As soon as everything is ready, begin to respond to customer requests and give them an excellent service, put all your energies into it.
  1. Meet your customers personally and get to know them. Meet the pet owner as well as the pet before you start taking care of it. Inquire about what this animal likes to eat, about its meal times and how much it should be given. Also, ask what the animal may be allowed to do. 
  2. Avoid asking obvious questions like "can he urinate on the couch? "Or" Should I close the portal when it's outside?" "Because such questions make you look incompetent and will discourage customers now and even later.
  3. Make sure that the animal has had all its doses of vaccines and also that it has taken its medicines if it proves necessary. It is also the time to make other special arrangements.
  4. Always monitor your customers. When you meet your clients for the first time, ask them how they got in touch with you. If you realize that there is a particular place where customers will contact you more quickly, continue to mark your presence there.
  5. Once the work is done, ask your customers to give you their impressions and what they would have hoped for.
If the job becomes very intense, recruit an assistant and keep growing your business!

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