Five Tricks That Will Help You Save More in 2017

Protect yourself from fraud; Be aware of current fraud trends and know how to protect yourself and your money . The debt crisis threatens to...

Protect yourself from fraud; Be aware of current fraud trends and know how to protect yourself and your money. The debt crisis threatens to lose a lot of money to savers. All our advice to keep your savings and our product selections best suited to the economic situation.

Five tricks that will help you save more in 2017
The current economic and financial situation is incredibly tense, and no economist is really able to anticipate what lies ahead in the years or even months ahead. However, several elements must be taken into consideration.

How to protect your money in 2017?

Keep the change. 

If you are definitely not able to budget the savings, at least keep saving the day change in a piggy. If you get home with 10USD, save them and so on daily until you see that the coins are accumulating. When you see enough, you will not have the heart to stop, and you will continue to see how much you can put together if you keep with that rhythm.
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Make it automatic.

If you are one of those people who can not have money in their hands because it is spent, then make it not pass through your hands. Link your bank account with a savings account so that as soon as you deposit, a certain amount goes directly to the savings.
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Make pride your ally.

There are people who do not do things until they see their pride compromised. In this case, it can also help you. For this, you need the help of a friend, your partner or your children. You can bet with them that you will save a certain amount at the end of the month and if you do not comply, you will wash your clothes and do your homework at home. You will see that your desire to save is more than to lose. 

Whatever you spend, spend it in working hours.

If you can not save because you spend on unnecessary things, then think about how much you had to work to buy those items. For example, if you spend 500 USD in a fashion sweater reflect on how many hours you worked to earn that 500 USD and if it is worth spending them on that garment or if you should save them. 

Be serious. 

Perhaps you do not save because you do not find the meaning to save to save, but when you have an important reason to do it, it does not actually cost so much work. The important thing is to set a goal with real meaning for you. Think of a robust goal and you will see that only by taking the savings seriously can you achieve it.
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Wrapping up

To protect you from the risks of the financial debt crisis, it is essential to diversify your investments by focusing on security and investing in real assets such as gold and silver. This is how you can protect your assets from deteriorating value.

  • Do not rush to change your savings and investments. Even if the panic seems to invade the markets, keep your head cold, this will save you many mistakes.
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