How To Make Someone Fall in Love With You All Over Again

You are dwelling with loneliness.  You lover's memories burn brightly every nightfall. You are missing every single moment with your gir...

You are dwelling with loneliness. You lover's memories burn brightly every nightfall. You are missing every single moment with your girlfriend. You are feeling to win her heart once again and make her fall in love with you in any way. 

Anyone who has experienced heartbreak, only he knows how it feels, and truth is there is no magical formula exist that can make someone fall in love with you. But if you are smart enough, then still you have a chance to win her heart and get back to you. (Depending on situation we can't guarantee of her coming back, but definitely, she will fall for you).

How To Make Someone Fall in Love With You All Over Again
Usually, we fall in love with those who fit into a list we keep in our minds called "subconscious judgment." Through the years and as we interact with the world around us we begin to form a list of the person with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives. This is a list of the key factor that makes anyone fall in love with another.

Your culture, your society, your past experience, your childhood, your relationship with your friends and your parents from this list until it contains the code that can make you love a person.

The Mystery of Love-Science: Why Do You Fall in Love?

In how to make someone fall in love with you, describes how you can make another person feel love for you by reviewing your list and then presenting what would be your perfect match. Today's post will tell you that how you can make your partner fall in love all over again with you. (Including your ex-partner)

How to make someone fall in love with you again

If someone fell in love with you once, even for a short time, it means that you have already matched your subconscious criteria. A person would never fall in love with you if you do not represent the answer at their discretion, but what is good about it is that once you get over your filters, you can always make them fall in love with you again.

This person can get you stop loving you simply because your subconscious criterion changes and all you have to do is to revisit that approach to find the changes and adjust the way you act to equal it again.

Sometimes the opposite occurs, the measure of the person remains the same, but you are the one who changes until you realize that you are no longer the one who responds to your criteria. Again, you have to determine what it was that made you change it and adjust your attitude to like it again.

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Let's see a little example to clarify all this:

How To Make Someone Fall in Love With You All Over Again
A woman loved a man because it fit her criteria and then he began to be unavailable, which violated her rules. As time passed, the woman would start to feel bad about his attitude and eventually stop loving him. If she is aware of her mistake, she will be able to adjust her position to conform to her criteria and thus love him again.

Rules to make someone love you again

Falling in love is amazing. It's neither a random process nor something that can not be controlled. Like anything else in the world, there are rules. If you can understand these rules, you can make anyone in this world fall in love with you without too much effort.

The steps to follow to make someone fall in love with you again

The step-by-step guide for your ex to fall in love again is divided into two main stages: ground preparation and action.

1. Prepare the ground

1.1 Consider why you want to go back with your ex

Although the relationship may have been excellent, Sometimes it is better to finish it. Sometimes it's really better to spend time adjusting to your new state by focusing on you for a while.

Some not so good reasons to return with your ex are to be afraid of loneliness, to miss the routine or to feel jealous of the new pair of your ex.

It is also often good to talk to a trusted friend, family member or therapist to clarify why you want to go back with your ex.

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1.2 Give it space

If you are always fluttering near your ex, you are more likely to look like a desperate person, and your ex is angry with you. Giving you space will help you determine what did not work in the relationship and what you can do to fix it.

Also if you are not always close, you will avoid being always raising the ego and begin to realize what it means to not have you in your life. This means no text messages, calls to find out how you are, no stalking on Facebook, etc. Of course, if you see it on the street or in a store you must say hello act with education, but do not prove that you are wrong because it is not with you.

1.3 Increase confidence in yourself

Self-confidence is extraordinarily sexy. Surely your confidence went to waste when your relationship ends, so you have to rebuild it for your own good and for your ex to want to return to you.

Counterfeit your trust if you do not really feel it. For this, you must have the shoulders straight and the feet firm on the ground. The more you act to appear confident, the more confident you will feel.

Do not compare yourself with others. There will always be someone more successful than you, more attractive, with a better relationship than yours. Focus on what you have achieved and what makes you an extraordinary person instead of the negative aspects.

Always remember that the relationship does not fail because of you. This does not mean that you are guilty, but you do not have to change who you are to be someone you are not.

1.4 Meet

In the time after the break, you must rediscover who you are as a person. When you are in a relationship, everything becomes more in us than in me. You must discover yourself because it is likely that your unique personality and your individuality that made your ex-fall in love with you.

You must work on your personal growth, both internal and external. This means getting in shape or finding out what you failed in your relationship and what you can do to fix it. If it was your inability to communicate, work on opening yourself to the means and discussing your problems and feelings.

Go back to the origin of who you are. Take advantage of doing everything you could not do when you were in a relationship. You may even find that you no longer want to go back with your ex.

Get out of your comfort zone. Do things you would not normally do. This will help you get out and meet new people and change to not be the same person as your ex-remembers.

1.5 Returns to the beginning of the relationship

When you try to go back with your ex, you must think how you will make the new relationship different and more intimate from the old one. This means remembering how they fell in love and what made them fall in love.

Analyze who you were at the beginning of the relationship and how you changed over time. Maybe everything became very comfortable and monotonous.

Try to discover that you have failed without blaming yourself or your ex. If you want to go back with your ex, blaming it will not help anything, but analyzing the components of failure could make the second part a success.

How To Make Someone Fall in Love With You All Over Again

Smile often. Your best weapon is your smile, and it's always available, completely free, and you can never use it too much! Greet her as often as possible with sincerity, whether in her direction or not. This makes you more affordable, and it could even make you happier.

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2. Back with your Ex spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend

2.1 Have fun

You must show your ex that you do not need it in your life and that you did not sink into a dark and profound depression after the rupture. Instead, get out and have fun. It's not about going out partying every night, but about going out with your friends. This way you will avoid the calls when you go for drinks.

That your ex-sees you having fun will help you remember the great person you are and show him that you are not dealing with an emotionally needy person.

Having a good time and having fun means that you are taking care of yourself, which is something you definitely should do after a breakup. It is also an excellent way to build confidence and improve your physical and mental health.

2.2 Reset contact

This is hard because reconnecting with your ex can go wrong. Good advice is always to do it slowly. Trying to speed things up will show you as an emotionally needy person.

Start with the simple. If they have friends in common, use them. This will relieve the pressure. Ask him how he is and what he has done. You will notice that you have not been stalking your Facebook profile.

Avoid talking about new relationships unless your ex-does. Do not focus on your romances after the breakup to avoid being put on guard.

Once you have established a close contact, invite him to coffee or something casual to meet. Remember that you want the conversation to be casual and food.

2.3 Check your feelings towards you

This is very much based on body language ***. You need to know how you feel about having yourself back in your life before you move on.

As for body language, do you have an open stance toward yourself or defensive, crossing your arms or looking the other way when you talk? If so, I probably want to have little to do with you.

If you can find a discreet way to do it, ask your friends or casual friends:

  1. How he/she feel about yourself. 
  2. Misses you?
  3. Do you have a new relationship? 
  4. Is he/she happy? 

Mark his/her answer.
What is the answer to the last two question? If it is yes, you better let it go.

2.4 Talk to your ex

Now comes the difficult. Once you have discovered that your ex is open to returning to you, you must have an open and honest discussion about your interest.

Honesty is really the most important part of the study. Talk about why you want to go back with your ex, accept your faults, give reasons why it is worth trying to recover the relationship. After all, honesty is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Be careful about what you say & how you say it. This is not the best time to get carried away by emotions. Stay calm during the conversation and communicate your opinions and feelings in a logical way. Do not despair. Listen to what your ex-has to say, even if it's not what you want to hear.

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2.5 Stay away

Sometimes it's tough to save a relationship. Perhaps it's not possible. Why? Either because they are not compatible, or because the other person has moved on with their life. And it's okay, the fact that you've tried to return is an excellent thing, but you should know that if your ex-says he does not want to go back with you, it's because he really does not want to go back with you. It is time for you to turn the page too.

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