How to Become Popular on YouTube - 7 Steps to Becoming Famous

How to get famous on YouTube? You can not become famous on youtube overnight , but it's possible to be quick. In fact, you can do it wi...

How to get famous on YouTube? You can not become famous on youtube overnight, but it's possible to be quick. In fact, you can do it with only a few viral video. In this article, I give you 7 tips to succeed on Youtube.

Many try it every day, but few people pass the test in the end. You may have a youtube channel, but nobody watches it. You had a dream to make money with youtube videos, but if you don't have viewers how you could earn? So you must have to be popular on youtube to earn passive income.

How to Become Popular on YouTube - 7 Steps to Becoming Famous
Unfortunately, it's not because you put all your heart or guts into making cool videos that you can become famous on YouTube. What do you do to get famous on YouTube? 

The 7 Steps to Becoming Famous

Here are 7 tips to apply without delay.

Tip # 1: Be original and different

Be different from others. You can totally do something on the same subject another person, but you must bring your personal touch or a different angle. The copy-pasted is unthinkable.

Example: Your competitor makes videos that do not look very professional. It is up to you to approach the theme with an angle to you, a vocabulary that will give you a serious image and that will give confidence to the spectators.

Tip # 2: Collaborate with larger channels than you

To benefit from the aura of recognized actors on the platform, work with chains more important than you. Build partnerships.

Example: you have just created the last tennis racket that will allow people to make races at more than 300km/h. Contact a YouTube channel dedicated to tennis and having many subscribers and offer to demonstrate your product.

Tip # 3: Be Yourself

Put your personality first and do not stupidly copy the others. Be true to who you are and accept yourself. This is the best way to be sincere with your audience.

Example: If you are rather trendy nature and fresh air, dressing in clubber will not give you any credibility.

Tip # 4: Go to the Basics, eliminate all that is unnecessary

People have no time to lose. Be clear and concise, do the shortest.

Tip # 5: Do not Criticize Others

The bashing of other YouTubeurs will lead you to nothing, if not to put you back to the community. You will only buzz, you will simply lose your credibility. And will waste people's time.

Example: You criticize one of your competitors in a video, people feel that you are mature and therefore professionalism and that they have just lost 2 minutes of their precious time.

Tip # 6: Use the traffic you have to advertise your channel

If you already have a website, mailing list, use them. Contact them and ask them to subscribe to your channel YouTube. Prime the pump.

Example: Suggest to your fans on Facebook to subscribe to your YouTube channel.
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Tip # 7: Do not try to please everyone

Nothing serves to be too consensual. In trying to please everyone, you do not want anyone. The goal of a video is to get a message across, so you need a bias, a position.

This will inevitably displease some. Just like others will not like your personality. Do not take it personally and concentrate on your message.

Example: Your approach makes a difference. Try to please the greatest number but assume your positions at the same time. 

These few simple tips will allow you to put more chances on your side to gain popularity and become famous on YouTube.

Being yourself to respect the community, just like its audience, remains the best advice!

If you would like to receive further help from me, to become a leader in your field of activity and get more traffic and sales using video in your marketing, I recommend you to read our blog regularly. 

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