How To Be Happy And Enjoy The Ride To Success

If you think you will only achieve happiness when achieving your goals, you will lose motivation, and you will feel unhappy in your work. ...

If you think you will only achieve happiness when achieving your goals, you will lose motivation, and you will feel unhappy in your work.

How To Be Happy And Enjoy The Ride To Success
Most of us, at one point or another, think that we will be happy once we reach a particular goal. We believe: "I'll be happy once: 

  • I graduate from college 
  • Earn a million dollars 
  • Get married 
  • Lose 10 kilos 
  • Get a job..."

How to be happy on the road to success.

I know, I've been guilty of doing it too. Many times I have assumed that satisfaction and success will come after you win a championship or create a successful business. 

Society tells us that this is a good thing. We hear about athletes who are never completely satisfied until they get to be the best. We hear about entrepreneurs who worked like crazy to build a business that changed the world. The basic idea behind this mentality is that to be motivated, you need to be dissatisfied. Unsatisfied with winning the second place. Unsatisfied with being average. 

There is also the other side of the equation: people who are happy with life as it is today. Commonly, they say that you must develop the ability to "no longer want." You can be happy exactly as you are now. That you are already perfect just the way, you are.

The problem

Here's the problem: I want both, be motivated and be happy. And maybe you want the same thing. 

I like being happy. It's fun. And I do not want to delay my happiness until I reach my goal; But at the same time, I like to improve continuously. I do not want to settle for less than I can do in this life. I would like to be happy along the way and also achieve my goals. 

For a long time, I was bothered by the fact that being happy (feeling satisfied) and being motivated (feeling dissatisfied) could not complement each other. I have not figured it out yet, but the more I study successful people, the more I think it is possible to be happy and motivated at the same time. I tell you how...

Motivated and happy

Let's start with motivation. If you want to maximize your potential, you will need to continue working on being better before and after reaching your goal. 
And why would anyone do that? For example, if your goal is to earn a million dollars and you made it, why would you keep working hard after it? The answer is more complicated than you think.

The Rule of Declining Returns

In Economics, there exists a fundamental principle known as the Rule of Declining Returns. The short definition: as you get more of something, it becomes less valuable. And this is not only an economic theory, but it is also a trend in real life. 

If you have zero USD and win $ 100,000, then it will be something important. But if you've already won a million, earning another $ 100,000 will not be as significant. Winning each weight means a lot at first, but loses its value over time. 

If you've never earned a championship, the first one you win will be incredible. But if you already have five championship rings, adding a sixth will not be as sweet as when you received the first one. Staying at the top means a lot at the beginning, but less as time passes. 

If you are starting a business, getting your first customer is an incredible dose of adrenaline. But if you already have 100 clients who pay you, adding one more will not provide the same excitement. Getting a new customer means a lot in the beginning, but less with time. 

In other words, the goals and outcomes that seem so valuable in the beginning, actually lose their value as you achieve more of them.

How to stay motivated

So if the results mean less as you achieve more, how can you keep motivation? Loving the practice of what you do. Only people who adopt their work as an art and fall in love with their daily performance are those who remain motivated in time. 

Here are some examples: 
Richard Branson is already a billionaire. He has built hundreds of companies. But he does not continue to do it for money; It ceased to mean much to him long ago. He continues to do so because he loves the practice of running it. 

Football coach Nick Saban has already won four national championships. Earn $ 5 million a year. He is no longer a coach for money or winning games. Follow coach because he loves the process. 

Fitness and nutrition expert Jack LaLanne has set eligibility records for over 40 years. He does not continue exercising to lose weight; He uses every day because he loves him. 

Conclusion: The only way to stay motivated before and after achieving goals is to enjoy the practice of what you do.

How to be happy?

Guess what? The answer is now simple. If you like to practice what you do, if you love your daily work, then you can be happy before and after achieving goals. 

When you learn to love the process of what you do, and you do not focus on the goal, you automatically find happiness and stay motivated. 

If you learn to love practicing exercise, you will be happy today, and you will see results tomorrow. If you love the practice of running your business, you will be happy today, and you will see results tomorrow. If you learn to love the practice of supporting your family and friends, you will be happy today and see results tomorrow. 

Happy and motivated. One more reason why the system is better than the result.

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