Entrepreneurship Is Neither a Science Nor An Art. It Is a Practice

With more than a decade of promoting culture and entrepreneurship in our country, various programs, events, funds, and actions have helped o...

With more than a decade of promoting culture and entrepreneurship in our country, various programs, events, funds, and actions have helped our society to know and approach this experience. It is important to mention that the entrepreneur has many fields of work, corporate, social, environmental and, of course, entrepreneurial endeavors.

Entrepreneurship is a practice, not a science
Speaking of entrepreneurship, specifically in our city has been advancing with the emergence of business incubators, entrepreneurship programs, as well as competitions, workshops, and events that encourage the entrepreneur we carry inside. measures. However, there is a lack of elements that help make Culiac├ín a community with an entrepreneurial ecosystem, that is, that economic and social conditions work in a fundamental way to generate circumstances that support the action and action of an undertaking, but above all, that society Know and use these services/benefits.

That is, each one of us has the possibility to undertake, what it takes is to act, seek help, approach people or institutions that assist us with training, guidance, and counseling. To undertake is an action, practice is a decision.

For a project or business idea to be more likely to succeed, it needs to be supported or driven by an entrepreneur who acts, who makes decisions, who dares, who is trained, who develops skills, who is sure that the project depends on Measure of him and not of others. We need entrepreneurs to look for it as if and leave behind the pretexts. Aware that being an entrepreneur carries a lot of risks, many sacrifices, but also has many chances of being successful.

An entrepreneur must plan, manage, sell, train, direct, supervise, measure and create solutions. If we are based on the previous line, we see how all words are verbs, that is, actions that the subject (entrepreneur) must carry out.

If an entrepreneur who is in charge of a company, no matter the size or spin, does not act, it is necessary to analyze his profile to see if he really is an entrepreneur. It will be needed to make an inventory of their strengths and weaknesses and put together a plan of action to maximize safe and minimize, correct or eliminate weaknesses.

So the invitation is to act, to be responsible for your future and to face the inclemencies that exist in the exterior and will continue to exist.

If you have a business idea and want to make it happen, act, plan, acquire knowledge, techniques, and skills that work towards a successful life plan and of course, to generate wealth.

In more than 10 years of experience in the subject, I have seen how many are left in the way. As excellent ideas are not carried out for lack of vision and action. Do not let that happen in your life, act, remember Emprender is a practice.

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