7 Easy & Effective Ways to Improve Your Alexa Rankings

Alexa.com is one of the most popular sites on the Internet where websites or blogger owners should not fail to take into account. The Alexa...

Alexa.com is one of the most popular sites on the Internet where websites or blogger owners should not fail to take into account. The Alexa traffic range of a site is usually measured according to the number of visitors. Advertising networks, for example, use mostly the Alexa rank of a website to determine their popularity and the amount of traction of their site to the minute, hourly and daily. 

 7 Easy & Effective Ways to Improve Your Alexa Rankings
As a blog or website owner, having higher Alexa ranking will be the great benefit to your site if you intend to take advantage of your site traffic and monitor the blog or website by selling sponsored advertising or in-text links from advertisers.

However, in an attempt to increase the Alexa ranking of your blog or website, it is critical to take proactive steps by carefully mapping your strategy on how to improve your Alexa ranking

By improving the Alexa ranking, you can earn much more than now from the direct advertiser. (BuySellAds is a good choice for selling direct ads)

7 Free Ways to Dramatically Boost Alexa Rank

If your blog runs a small business website and is looking for ways to increase your blog's Alexa ranking, here are 7 easy and efficient ways to improve the Alexa ranking.

1. Download and install the Alexa toolbar

One of the most important steps you should take to improve your Alexa ranking is to download your toolbar or browser extension. Doing this will allow you to visit your website and get real-time statistics on your site regarding your daily performance from the comfort of your toolbar.

>> Download the Alexa extension.

2. Put Alexa Rank Widget on your website
After the download and successful installation of the Alexa add-on, you will get one of Alexa's rank widgets and add it to your site or blog. Every click on Alexa widgets is generally considered as a visitor; Which will help you learn and discover what is on trend regarding your page and the increasing views and impressions. This is another easiest and most efficient ways to improve your Alexa ranking.

>> Get the Alexa ranking widget

3. Create meaningful content about Alexa.com

It is always advisable to write about Alexa as this can go a long way in helping to improve your Alexa ranking. Webmasters enjoy hearing about the different ways to increase Alexa ranking. Creating helpful content on it can help you generate more backlinks to your website faster than you imagine. You should also strive to write content that can capture the attention of webmasters in order to attract them to you through Alexa's toolbar and improve your page rank even more faster. 

4. Get some positive reviews on Alexa.Com

A positive opinion about your blog or website at Alexa.com will work far better than any other backlinks. Getting positive reviews will help you to improve your Alexa ranking far beyond what you can imagine. Try to get some of your friends and colleagues write positive comments about your website or blog on Alexa.com

5. Encourage friends and colleagues to make use of the Alexa toolbar

Recommend other's use Alexa toolbar Including your family members, friends, fellow webmasters, and your audience as well. However, when promoting the utilization of the Alexa toolbar, be sure to place the link to the full description of your toolbar and Alexa tracking system. Why? This will help them to know the details about Alexa and your site. They will understand why should they use this service. Another good way to do this is to ask your close relatives about how to download and install the Alexa toolbar on your personal computers and set the main page of your website as your homepage.

6. Download and install Alexa Plugin Redirection for WordPress or Drupal

One of the beautiful things about Wordpress sites is that you can get plug-ins for almost everything you can think of. That said, there is also a plug-in for Alexa Ranking as well. Installation Alexa Redirect Plugin for WordPress is one also one of the easiest and most efficient ways to improve Alexa ranking. The installation of this plug-in adds an additional link before your internal blog links that will increase your page rank and improve the Alexa ranking of your blog or website.

7. Banners buying and using PPC Ads

Most of the bloggers are using online advertising platforms to attract more new customers. One of the best methods is Pay-per-click Advertising. PPC Ads can get a lot of targeted traffic to your blog or website through purchase and pay-per-click banners and ads on your site. Buy some banners on other sites or blogs and use PPC advertising like AdWords to increase your Alexa ranking

However, before you run any PPC campaign, you need to understand the program basics and core. It is better to have some knowledge before investing in digital marketing campaigns. 

These seven tips will definitely help you to increase Alexa ranking if you can implement them. Visit other blogs and comment on their article so that you will get the backlink and real visitors too. 

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