7 Popular Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses

Traditional forms of marketing may be ineffective for professional studies and other knowledge-based activities. How to obtain new clients ...

Traditional forms of marketing may be ineffective for professional studies and other knowledge-based activities. How to obtain new clients based on your own work experience.

References and recommendations are essential to gaining new customers in professional studies. Individual marketing actions can help increase word of mouth and reinforce positioning.

7 Popular Marketing Techniques For Small Businesses
Some ideas for developing effective marketing actions based on knowledge and professional experience:

  • Provide seminars on specific topics of interest to current and potential clients. Teaching and training serve to make them known and generate a relationship with the community. It is also for the speakers, a way of deepening knowledge. It is advisable to target a qualified audience and use cases or their own activity as part of the content.
  • Develop own projects to propose to customers. Instead of waiting for customers to find you, come up with proposals and work initiatives. Even when they are not accepted, it gives you the opportunity to converse and show you in action.
For the holders of professional studies, the best form of marketing is the disclosure of their experience in multiple means and formats.
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  • Maintain professional profiles in social networks and specific sites. Make sure you have a complete and up-to-date professional profile in general professional visibility spaces - such as LinkedIn and Twitter - and in others specific to your activity, such as chambers and business associations. This facilitates the meeting with potential clients and reinforces your image. Give examples of your work and specialty. Nowadays it is also crucial to come up with an updated photo.
  • To post. It will take the time to turn your experience into papers, articles or books with practical cases, tools and techniques, that facilitate the disclosure. You can publish in sectoral or academic magazines, although it can also be interesting to adapt the content to reach a non-specialized audience. EBooks are an excellent tool for this purpose.
  • Blogging. Setting up your own blog and posting it at least once a week allows you to stay in touch with the community. Examples of the style of entries: your opinion about a recent event related to your activity, a theoretical reflection, republishing reports or statistics of interest, a summary of what was learned at a training event.
  • Make presentations. Looking for active participation in meetings, conventions, and events of councils and other professional groups will give you visibility to the particular community and boost your image.
  • Do high-profile jobs. Occasionally develop projects that work as glass, even with low profitability (important clients, public sector, events). Works for NGOs can also show social responsibility.

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