4 Quick Tips for Creating a Winning Slogan For Your Company

The design of the image of a company is a process in constant evolution.  The process of generating a slogan plays an important role at the ...

The design of the image of a company is a process in constant evolution. The process of generating a slogan plays an important role at the time when a brand wants to create brand awareness. Your company may have a slogan, but if you need to redesign it, we will help you to choose a new winning slogan.

Turn to see any business with years of experience, and you will find that the changes in their model have adapted to their times and that, in fact, have been necessary.

4 Quick Tips for Creating a Winning Slogan For Your Company
The image of your business begins with a good name, a concept, a philosophy and a spectacular logo. But I have noticed that the last step tends to be a little weaker and less planned in several brands: the slogan.

That sticky phrase that must remain in the mind of your consumer and that should concisely express what your company or your product is at the same time that it facilitates a particular identity that distinguishes you from the competition.

Of course, it is not easy.

What is a slogan and why is it useful for your brand?

A slogan is a phrase that identifies a product or service, it has its origin from a Scottish word meaning "war cry." It is one of the most powerful tools in marketing, it helps the company to increase the levels of memory and differentiate itself from the competition.

Imagine that you can own a small part of the minds of your consumers and that every time you think about buying the product or service of your industry, they reflect on your brand. In part, this is what a slogan can do for people to remember your product and increase your chances of selling.

Generating a slogan is not easy, this phrase should synthesize, define and catch in a few words the concept of your product or service.

A good slogan must meet several tasks being short.

And it takes a thorough exercise of trial and error, conceptualization overall patience. I can almost guarantee that none of them, in history, was at first.

So today I want to dedicate some lines to give you advice on this problem.

Make it personal. 

A slogan goes beyond a call to action. "Consume such" or "Enjoy such another" is something too general and to some extent impersonal. Try to design your slogan in case your potential and current customers. What do you like? What feeling or feeling can you relate to the consumption of your product or brand? Try to design a sentence to invoke those feelings and generate identity with your audience.

Make it collaborative. 

You can not have all the answers, and that is why you must use your team or marketing manager. But you can also learn a lot from your brand or product through the workers in your company. If you have questioning workers who find you more attractive than they do, the sales team also knows how to create the need for your product. Try to chat with the core parts of your business, and you will see how much you can learn from it. This will help you to make a slogan that is much more focused on the virtues you want to highlight.

Carry out market studies.

The more specific, the better. And you can also use surveys, study groups, interviews and any other research tool to help you gather more information. You can present to a select group of people several proposals and refine according to their opinions. Just be careful to choose the right individuals who have no bias towards or against your company.

Take your time. 

One of the most common things that I encounter when a slogan is addressed is the sense of urgency on the part of the companies to launch something soon. My best advice, especially if you are doing it for the first time, is that you do not take anything out in public until you have considered at least twenty ideas. It is an adequate quantity of a detail that will accompany and contribute to the image of your brand in the short and medium term, Be patient.

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