3 Little Things That Will Improve Your Productivity

Improve problem-solving skill and increase productivity at work . It only takes a few minutes to change your mind to build a more successful...

Improve problem-solving skill and increase productivity at work. It only takes a few minutes to change your mind to build a more successful life. Changing your work habits, your context and the people around you can mean the difference between a failed day and a successful one.

3 Little Things That Will Improve Your Productivity
What you work on, how efficient you are and what you do tomorrow, it all depends on how aware you are of these aspects. And it's important to step back and evaluate these three factors that contribute to your productivity, or hamper it, and make the relevant changes. 
Take note: 

1. What are your routines? Are they serving you? 

Homeostasis is a scientific term that describes the "standard system" situation, or a state of equilibrium. Your homeostasis is the things you do and in what order you do them every day, and now they have become your normal way of working.

What tools and devices do you always have with you? What applications and programs are always open on your computer? At what time of the day do you send more emails? Where do you go when you have to think deeply about your product, service, customers or goals?

You know that you've 'normalized' your workflow if, when you do something differently, or even if you decide not to do it, you feel something is missing or is wrong. Obviously, your productivity is affected if you do not have an internet connection, if your favorite coffee shop is closed or does not serve the coffee machine, or if your cell phone battery is dead and you can not work normally.

Action: During the next week, identify in detail the habits and routines you have. As you work, ask yourself if there is a better way to do it. The quickest way to achieve it is by observing the work of someone else since it will serve to see your workflow with a fresh look.  
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2. Where do you work? 

The place where you work changes what you do, how effectively you do it and how well you do it. The things that surround you and the atmosphere in which you find affect the way you use your time. Do you want to be more productive? Improve your work context.

Consider the following questions: Do you spend a lot of time looking for things you need to do your job? Do you feel comfortable using the tools and devices you use? Do the devices work as they should? Do people use other tools that you could try to work more efficiently? Are you inspired by your surroundings?

The purpose of asking you these questions is to help you think about how the context influences you in a positive or negative way. When you want to do something important, change your setting.

Action: During the next week, identify the context in which you work best. Experiment doing different types of work (think, plan, respond, create, etc.) in contexts that you believe support the work you need to perform at that time.

3. Who do you spend most of your time with? 

The people you spend the most time with influence your productivity. Take risks, try to meet new people and build your network of connections. I'm not just talking about social networks, But from the face-to-face conversations, you have with the people you call friends. The people around us influence our mentality and behavior. If you spend time with individuals who want to achieve more and who support your goals and potential, this will be reflected in your own life and achievements.
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Action: Make a list of the five people you spend the most time with last week. Then, evaluate from one to five (one, plus, five, the less) regarding how much they support your productivity. If possible, spend less time with those who received the worst evaluation.

Take 15 minutes to schedule these actions. Experiment with one or two of them for five days and see how they influence you in a more positive way.

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